13 Apr 2007

GMTV, Sméagol Gollum and me.

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Green Party Principal Speaker Derek Wall will appear on GMTV this Sunday 5th between 6 and 7am to discuss the Green Party in the local elections.

The clip may also be viewable on http://www.gm.tv after the show.
Green Party External Communications
1a Waterlow Road
London N19 5NJ

Not a punch up like hard talk or David Frost but just to let you know I am doing my bit to promote the party for the local elections and Welsh Assembly. Steve Richards is a great interviewer, intelligent journalist.

It was like a factory farm of politicos he got through me, Ed Davey (Edmund or Edward?), Lord Gilbert, ming campbell and that bloke from the tories whose name I have forgot, busy man...and guess others as well when I had gone.

Incidentally while I am still anti-leader it just struck me what a nice modest effective person Ann Were, leader of the Green Party in Wales is.

Still prefer speaker, much easier to explain and the media understands it.

Ann seems great but 'leaders' tend to go a bit Sméagol Gollum don't they, people who want to be leader, 'the ring, the ring....' with a glint in the eye...power, power...I need to save the planet, trust me, trust me....as they march toward the Crack of Doom.

lets not use the term 'fuck the realos' it would be richly unappropriate and rude.

....when I stop driving the taxi and go power mad slap me down as well.

Any way that's enough political theory.

Good week for the Wall diaries, which will be published one day.

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