12 Apr 2007

Green Stroud

It was good to catch up with him and hear his enthusiasm for Stroud - he clearly had a great visit here before he went on today to launch the Green party's campaign for a Welsh Assembley seat. During his visit he was kind enough to mention this blog as one of the best Green blogs around.

this is from Philip Booth, great blogger and green local councillor.

Stroud was great, the local greens really looked after me and we went to Whiteway colony, set up in 1898 and a little tame today, than when wild 'croydon Brethern' inspired by Ruskin and Tolstoy set it up, and bumped into Alan Evans (hope I have the right name) making metal work for a sustrans bicyle route over a viaduct.

So Whiteway is still green.

Went to lots of green projects, I am so sceptical but I was sold on all the great practical steps...if you squint a look at some little corners Stroud is like going to William Morris's utopia 'News from Nowhere'.

Welsh launch was great, god I am losing my critical edge, Rhodri Griffths made an inspiring speech about climate change, transport and the need for green education based on creativity.

Next stop, GMTV interview filming tommorrow, out on sunday morning

Derek Wall also spoke to some 60 people in the Old Town Hall about Green economics, his meeting last year with President Chavez of Venezuela and of wider issues. He challenged public perceptions about Green politics saying that it was the other parties that were single issue parties focussed on ever more economic growth. He said: "Green politics is about ecology and that is about interactions with our environment - you cannot separate social justice from environmental justice."

Derek Wall urged the audience to remember that Green politics is not about a terrible lifeystyle but about making it better for everyone. He said: "Green policies of localisation means less commuting - who enjoys commuting? Green policies also mean warmer, more energy efficient homes and health policies that look at the causes of ill-health - The Economist for example recently reported 1000 people die every year in London due to air pollution. Yes Green policies are about consuming less but happiness doesn't come from ever more purshases. Certainly Greens want good food and good homes but as Ghandi said there is more than enough for everyones' needs but not for everyones' greed."

When asked how to be Green Derek Wall responded: "It's really very simple and requires no expert knowledge or complex skills. Consume less. Share more. Enjoy life."

Cllr Philip Booth, a local Green party spokesperson said: "It was great to have Derek here: his optimism has given us a huge boost as we go into the local elections: we need more Green votes and more Green politicians more than ever. Other parties moves to green their image completely miss the point that green politics is about every aspect of policy: the environment isn't something that can be tagged on to get a few extra votes, it must be fundamental to all policies. I am very optimistic that we will see more Green councillors elected locally."

More on my Stroud trip here.

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