"homosexual terrorist" to run in East Oxford?

Peter Tatchell is standing in the race for Oxford East, exciting stuff...although South London based, the local party have been looking for a 'star' candidate. Peter would do a great job but so would local contender Matt Morton.

Exciting stuff, especially as I can use the title 'homosexual terrorist'

Peter is a real long term good thing for green party, ecosocialism as well as for his campaigning on human rights...

This is Joseph's take:

News about Peter Tatchell from Southwark in today's Independent. Peter did
tip me off about this some time ago. I am sure that if selected he will
make an excellent candidate and add some spice to the campaign in Oxford. Peter is, of course, also a leading supporter of Green Left.

Joseph Healy
Southwark GP member


Green king

Third time lucky for Peter Tatchell? I hear that Oxford East's Green Party
is considering making the gay rights campaigner its candidate at the next
general election. Tatchell is down to the final two; he awaits the result
of a members' ballot, due at the end of the month.

He has twice stood (unsuccessfully) for office: as Labour's man in the
1983 Bermondsey by-election, and as an "Independent Green Left" candidate
in the 2000 London Assembly poll.

The political climate has changed since the Daily Mail described him as a
"homosexual terrorist", and Mr T hopes to make history: "The Greens
already have a fifth of the vote in [Oxford] elections. If we can
encourage those people to vote Green in the general election and get a few
more votes, there's a strong chance of electing the first Green MP."


tim said…
Did someone actually call Peter a 'homosexual terrorist'?
Derek Wall said…
The Daily Mail in the paragraph above your comment!

The right wing paper has since virtually cannonised him for his integrity! Quite a turn around for the Mail

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