18 Apr 2007

"homosexual terrorist" to run in East Oxford?

Peter Tatchell is standing in the race for Oxford East, exciting stuff...although South London based, the local party have been looking for a 'star' candidate. Peter would do a great job but so would local contender Matt Morton.

Exciting stuff, especially as I can use the title 'homosexual terrorist'

Peter is a real long term good thing for green party, ecosocialism as well as for his campaigning on human rights...

This is Joseph's take:

News about Peter Tatchell from Southwark in today's Independent. Peter did
tip me off about this some time ago. I am sure that if selected he will
make an excellent candidate and add some spice to the campaign in Oxford. Peter is, of course, also a leading supporter of Green Left.

Joseph Healy
Southwark GP member


Green king

Third time lucky for Peter Tatchell? I hear that Oxford East's Green Party
is considering making the gay rights campaigner its candidate at the next
general election. Tatchell is down to the final two; he awaits the result
of a members' ballot, due at the end of the month.

He has twice stood (unsuccessfully) for office: as Labour's man in the
1983 Bermondsey by-election, and as an "Independent Green Left" candidate
in the 2000 London Assembly poll.

The political climate has changed since the Daily Mail described him as a
"homosexual terrorist", and Mr T hopes to make history: "The Greens
already have a fifth of the vote in [Oxford] elections. If we can
encourage those people to vote Green in the general election and get a few
more votes, there's a strong chance of electing the first Green MP."


tim said...

Did someone actually call Peter a 'homosexual terrorist'?

Derek Wall said...

The Daily Mail in the paragraph above your comment!

The right wing paper has since virtually cannonised him for his integrity! Quite a turn around for the Mail

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