17 Apr 2007

What are Muslims doing on climate change?"

From LINES, the transition town stuff seems well on the way in Stroud, at least this is my impression from visiting...

Peace -

Firstly, here are two websites recommended by our speaker, Stephen Watson at Sundays LINE meeting: i) www.transitionculture.org ; ii) www.transitiontowns.org : These websites highlight projects based around communities that have empowered themselves to live sustainably in the context of a post-peak-oil future. There are already nine such towns, and Bristol is also listed. Certainly inspiring!

Secondly, as more people are now asking "What are Muslims doing on climate change?" LINE is organising a special event at LSE for next month (see below) which will essentially substitute the May monthly forum... Please note registration info & pass this notice far and wide!


The London Islamic Network for the Environment (LINE) invites you to:

CLIMATE CHANGE & MUSLIMS: Developing a Grassroots Movement
talks & a workshop within an International Conference on Climate Change

Date: Sunday 13th May
Time: 2.30pm to 4.15pm
Venue: London School of Economics (LSE), Houghton Street, London. WC2A 2AE. (Nearest Tubes: Holborn, Temple and Charing Cross).

Islam & the Environment
with Shaykh Usama Hasan, Tawhid Mosque

Climate Change in the Muslim World
with James O'Nions, World Development Movement (WDM)

An Islamic Perspective on Climate Change
with Dr Muzammal Hussain, London Islamic Network for the Environment (LINE)

A series of short introductory talks which will then take us into workshop-style discussions on engaging Muslim communities with climate change. These will invite the sharing and development of ideas to enhance wider participation on one of the biggest challenges faced by the global community. We will acknowledge contributions made by the UK Muslim community so far, and will explore how its potential could be enhanced further. We will then aim to empower ourselves, whether as individuals or groups, to help facilitate changes that will maximise this potential. There will be opportunities for networking.

Speaker Bios:

Usama Hasan was trained in Theoretical Physics at Cambridge, and in the traditional Islamic sciences at home in London. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Computing Science at Middlesex University and a voluntary, part-time imam at Tawhid Mosque in East London.

James O'Nions works for the World Development Movement (WDM), and has helped develop their current climate change campaign. WDM campaigns to tackle the root causes of poverty, joining movements around the world to win justice for the world's poorest people. Their current focus on climate change reflects this, highlighting the inequality between who has caused global warming and who will suffer as a consequence. James also writes on global justice issues for Red Pepper magazine.

Muzammal Hussain is the founder of LINE and editor of Ecobites a UK-wide elist. He took the lead in mobilising the Muslim community for several climate demonstrations and recently wrote a paper titled 'Islam & Climate Change' for his MA in Environment, Development and Policy. Muzammal is also a medical doctor and has worked in the field of mind-body healing.

This is one of a number of workshops at the weekend conference. Donations welcome.
REGISTRATION: It would be appreciated if participants would register for the conference in advance. Please go to http://www.campaigncc.org;

More info: LINE: http://www.lineonweb.org.uk ; Tel contact for workshop: 07919 654 054 (Masood)

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