28 Apr 2007

lib dem leader Ming backs Air league lunatics!

Take flying: Huhne said, "The growth of aviation is unsustainable in environmental terms ... Liberal Democrats have long advocated that action needs to be taken to control aviation." Oh, really? Then why does the Lib Dem leader, Sir Ming Campbell, sit on the board of The Air League - an industry lobby group that peddles misleading information about global warming and campaigns for airport expansion and against green taxation? In a recent Air League newsletter, they say they "do not accept that sustainable growth in UK aviation is somehow too difficult to achieve" and promote a third runway at Heathrow to "allow UK links to the regions to be strengthened and extended". In other words, they deny the science (without offering any evidence to back them up) and are actively promoting the most unnecessary flights - the ones to British destinations already served by public transport.

Vote Lib dem for the environment.

Joss Garman of Plane Stupid doesn't think so and neither do I, are we right, read more here.

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paddy said...

I personally will not fly cheap, and I'm just about getting by. O'Leary should be arrested along with his world wide counterparts, but I think it's climb into the bunker and close the hatch tight: it's all a little too late boy's Y:-) Paddy.

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