19 Apr 2007

Met Reel News at the Exxon climate change demo, good people with some good films, I would recommend either their version or the original of how Cuba survived peak oil, very inspiring....go on give them your hard earn't cash.

Reel News 6 is out this Friday - website with paypal facility should be up and
running next month! In the meantime, send a cheque for £6 (inc p&p) made
payable to Shaun Dey to: 1 Galsworthy Terrace, London, N16 0TS.

Or: buy it at Housemans or Bookmarks bookshops...

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This month's issue:

1) Stop Trident 1: Aldermaston (reel news) 14:48

Various groups join together to successfully blockade Aldermaston for 90
minutes, and show that the vote in parliament was a sham...they started building
at Aldermaston 4 years ago and have already spent £1 billion. As the projected
bill for new weapons of mass destruction reaces £70 - £100 billion, time to
start building actions on the scale of the late 50's and early 60s aldermaston
marches and sit ins.

2) Stop Trident 2: Faslane (bristol activists) 10:24

Blockades are taking place at Faslane every day for a year as the campaign to
stop trident gathers pace. This video shows health professionals blockading the
base in January.

3) PCS dispute: MoD strike (reel news) 9:46

The next stage of the PCS's campaign to stop 100,000 job losses, privatisation,
relocations, attacks on terms and conditions and a below the rate of inflation
pay "rise" involves key groups of workers taking strike action, amongst them
Ministry of Defence workers - some of the best organised and most militant PCS
branches right now. See civil servants at MoD Leconfield, near Hull, bring the
base to a standstill. Next day of action is May 1st, and the PCS are calling on
all public sector workers to join them in striking on Mayday to defend public

4) Manchester: Fujitsu strike (reel news) 9:08

A group of workers perhaps not renowned for their militancy: IT workers. Only 2%
of IT workers are in a union, an enormous industry with many people working in
low paid jobs such as call centre work. The workers in Fujitsu (formerly ICL) in
Manchester have been unionised for many years and have mounted a sustained
campaign of strikes and actions in the face of outrageous attacks.

5) Fluffy against the war (no budget films) !:42

This month's poem from Fluffy Smiff: Conflict.

6) Mayo: Policing the pollution (extract) (Oscar Beard) 18:20

Extracts from the forthcoming film investigating a shocking environmental crime
from Shell in Ireland - waste from a plant being constructed in Mayo is
contaminating the water supply with frightening amounts of aluminium. Local
people are trying to stop them before people start dying - but Shell and the
local council are trying to cover it up, aided by some very violent police

7) How Cuba survived peak oil (community solution) 20:04

When the stalinist regimes fell in the early nineties, cuba's oil imports from
russia suddenly dropped by over 50%. This is a shortened version of a film from
Cuba, showing how they solved a problem that we will all face - how to find ways
of living without oil.

8) The G8 in Germany in Rostock this year could well see the most significant
anti-G8 protests since Genoa in 2001. As the build up continues, this months G8
video is from Gleneagles in 2005 - protests that showed how antiterror laws
drafted after 9/11 are being used to attack the right to protest.

Lastly, apologies to those of you who were expecting a video on the campaign to
save the William Morris museum - a camera malfunction meant the tape didn't come
out today...would those of you I interviewed mind doing it again for next
month's issue? Sorry about that!

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