Fight dem biofuels! Fight dem!


The EU is currently debating the draft Renewable Energy Directive, which
includes a 10% mandatory biofuel taret for transport. There will be at
least one important vote by an EU parliamentary committees during July.

We have got a new email alert to UK MEPs, asking them to vote against a
biofuel target and to support a moratorium on agrofuels
from large-scale monocultures and in particular on all targets and
incentives. Such an EU moratorium call is supported by over 200
organisations (see:

You can find the email alert and more background information at .

Apart from taking part in the email alert, it would be very helpful if you
could also contact your MEPs directly - either phone, or, if possible,
meet them during a surgery. To find out who your MEPs are, see .

This email alert is only for people resident in the UK. A similar letter
which will be sent to all European MEPs can also be signed at .

Many thanks.

Best regards,

The Biofuelwatch Team


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