23 Jun 2008

Principal Speaker backs local Green Party over Davis by-election

Hull Green Party are meeting tonight to decide formally whether to select a candidate for the Haltemprice and Howden by-election.

As Principal Speaker I am proud of the democratic tradition of our party, I will support the Hull Party whatever decision they make.

It makes me proud to be green that members not some spin doctor has real power.

What contrast with the traditional parties.


Jim said...

I'm glad to see that there will be a credible alternative candidate for the people of Haltemprice to vote for.

I have strong disagreements in general with the Green Party, but at least there is now a party standing that will mean people won't feel they have to vote Tory to express their opposition to 42 day detention.

Hopefully this will make misguided pro-Davis leftists reconsider their support for him. The only reason you should ever vote for a Tory is in a two-way fight with a fascist such as with Chirac and Le Pen in 2002.

Mike Armstrong said...

Derek - I think you may have already been proved wrong, it seems that the GPRC has refused to let the local party conduct a selection without a postal ballot, effectively blocking any chance of a Green candidate.

It seems the Green Party contains it's own centralist tendency willing to make the party look like a canoe with no paddle.

Mike Armstrong said...

This is now beginning to look like it will cause a major split in the party.

I think you need to intervene!

Derek Wall said...

Yes, unfortunately there has been some interference but fingers crossed it can be sorted out.

Watch this space.

Rebecca said...

Dear Derek,

Any news? It's now Tuesday 24th June and we have been told that there was a meeting last night. Was this conclusive? Is there a confirmation of the candidature of Shan Oakes? Given that there is no opposition from NewLabour, the Liberal Democrats, UKIP or the BNP, and in the unprecedented circumstances, this by-election represents a good opportunity for a Green MP to be finally elected to Westminster - so why the delay? If a contest is launched, why not encourage as many Green activists as possible to travel to the constituency and campaign, and also organise a website for small donations (David Icke already has one up and running - why not us?)

'Quixote' Davis has put his head on the block - chop chop!

Alice said...

CO2 in the atmosphere racing towards 400ppm and the Green Party fiddling about with postal ballots?

Please please please get Oakes on the ballot paper. I for one am 100% ready to travel to the constituency and campaign.

The silly thing about this situation is that it should be a two horse race (Green versus Davis) but at the moment one of the horses is still hanging around in the stables.

Mr Andy C said...

I was not keen on the Green Party standing a candidate, but I do strongly believe it is the decision of the local party. Local democracy is what makes the GP appealing to a lot of its members, and you cannot feel apprehensive about the party moving toward a more top down approach through elected leaders and committee structures.

Lou said...

With the opposition removed, this seat is winnable. Not to stand now would be an incredible act of political hara-kiri.

If every single person at the Green Party Facebook site (1,093 people) puts in £1, that's the deposit organised, with a little extra besides.

Please Mr Wall - sort this mess out and get the campaign up and running.

Great blog by the way.

(An afficianado of Koumyouzenji Zen temple, Dazaifu, Japan)


Anonymous said...

Mark Twain said you don't regret what you do, you regret what you don't do.

Missing out on the Green v Davis contest because of absurdist procedures or electoral timidity would be a calamity for the party.

Sally Higgins said...


weggis said...

It has been confirmed

Shan Oakes - The real civil liberties candidate


Derek -

In the age of instant bank transfers and instant futures trading, it's a total farce that the Shan Oakes campaign is asking for donations by cheque.

There is much I don't admire about Obama's politics, but there is one aspect he is good at: raising small donations online.

PLEASE get somebody with the technical nous to set up a button for online donations to the Shan campaign.



Augustintestine said...

Why hasn't the Shan Oakes campaign got a telephone number yet???

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