4 Feb 2010


Originally a play, this is another must see movie. It's about the persecution of gay people in Nazi Germany.

Along with Jews, homosexuals were murdered in concentration camps by Hitler's regime.

Makes you think about continuing far right hostility to the LGBT community and the Pope's recent rantings.

Its an essential film not just for these points. It portrays totalitarianism and resistance even from those who have virtually no space left to resist.

Impressively acted much of it looks like a Beckett play, i.e the rocks and the snow.

Do take a look.

Clive Owens doesn't come over as especially German but plays a powerful role nonetheless.

Romantic in places, in unlikely places. Grim but leading somewhere less grim. Heroic is a cliche but you have the H word here.

The sex scene is a critique in its self of film representations of getting it on, full stop.

Going to post on Walter Benjamin's Illuminations later or tomorrow, amazing.

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