17 Feb 2010

Copenhagen failed - How do we stop climate change?

Copenhagen failed - How do we stop climate change?
Indian YMCA, Fitzroy Square, w1 (Warren Street tube)

The humiliating collapse of the Copenhagen talks has left the world's rulers without a plan for addressing climate change. Climate change deniers are speaking out with fresh confidence. Yet as the demonstrations in both London and Copenhagen and the Climate Camp showed a movement has begun to take to the streets.

How can the climate justice movement respond to the new situation? How can it make the links between the trade unions, campaigners, working class communities and the global south?

Derek Wall (Green Party) and Liam Mac Uaid (Socialist Resistance) explore the options with plenty of time for discussion.

More info about Socialist Resistance at www.socialistresistance.org


Luna17 said...

The same evening, coincidentally, that I'll be attending a showing of Reel News' film 'Beyond Copenhagen' at Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle. I suspect the discussion afterwards will be along similar lines to your meeting - I'm interested to hear what ideas people come up with about taking the climate movement forward.

Derek Wall said...

Ok lets swop notes, Jerry Hicks, Aidesep and Climate camp are going somewhere on this....in contrast a global framework based on carbon trading just invites scepticism.

At the London meeting I am going to be picking up a copy of 'Red Hot' the bio of my ecosocialist hero Nick Origlass.

good luck with the New-U-Tyne event.

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