28 Feb 2010

By boat to Bolivia?

Will Tamsin Omond volunteer?.......otherwise looks like an excellent way of making the most of a vital event in Bolivia with the minimum carbon footprint.

I am not going myself by the way, Hugo Blanco is going and will be putting forward our shared ideas.....he is of course Peru based.

Tricky sometimes doing global green politics without flying but the net and video conferencing can take the strain.

*Peoples' World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth's Rights in
Cochabamba, Bolivia* 19-22 April (see http://pwccc.wordpress.com/ for more)

At the gathering last weekend we agreed to the proposal to participate in
the Peoples' World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth's Rights
in Cochamamba, Bolivia, from 19-22 April (see http://pwccc.wordpress.com/
for more). We agreed that this meant committing to doing things before,
and after the conference, including:

1. Requesting time at March regional gatherings to discuss the conference
and what we want to get out of it.
2. Dedicating time at the April national gathering to discussing the
conference and what we want to get out of it.
3. Funding 2 UK Climate Campers and 2 global south activists to attend, if
we find people who meet the criteria (see below), up to £4,000.
4. Participating from the UK via videoconference and social media, as far
as possible.
5. Giving weight within our process to proposals that emerge from the

The international working group were volunteered to facilitate a process
for some of this - firstly to co-ordinate who goes. People can nominate
themselves as one of the two climate campers or pass on the details to any
global south activists they have contact with so they can nominate
themselves - people are also getting in touch with connections with global
south activists to find out if there's anyone who wants to link up with
CfCA in this way.

The criteria below were fleshed out from the original proposal at the
gathering, although they were not all agreed upon - all are shown below.
The deadline for nominations is 5pm, Monday 1 March 2010. Following that
nomination statements go up on discussion forum, with names removed.
Then the international working group will have a conference call on
Sunday 7 March 2010. This will be paid for centrally (so it's free to
call in) and it's agenda will be to decide who best meets the criteria.

The 2 UK Climate Campers who go should fit as many as possible of the
following criteria:
- Be able to get there in good time, and not have to rush back eg. to
return to work.
- Have had some reasonably sustained and recognised involvement in the
Camp for Climate Action
- Be able to speak Spanish (and any other languages)
- Have proven ability to build networks
- At least one of the people should self-define as female
- At least one of them to be someone who has never been to anything like
this before (ie. not an experienced summit-hopper)

They would also need to:
- Commit to giving a series of talks on their return: eg, at a national
gathering, neighbourhood gatherings
- Write up their experiences and the results of the conference for posting
on relevant lists and to the CfCA website
- Declare any other political affiliations and be clear that CfCA is their

People will be able to nominate themselves or be nominated, with their
consent, by others. Climate campers will need to explain how they meet
these criteria / which criteria they meet. Global south activists need
only explain a bit about who they are.


International working group

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