7 Feb 2010

He lied they died, Alistair Campbell wriggles on BBC1

Alistair Campbell was the spin doctor who spun us to war and as a result a great many innocent people died.

As the BAE judgement shows we are ruled by and for the benefit of arms corporations.

Do remind Labour canvassers when they knock on your door of all the damage done.

Weapons of Mass Destruction? The weapons Saddam Hussian had were sold to him by the US and UK.

More wars for oil coming your way soon, more lies to justify them and no apologies will be forthcoming when they are exposed too late.

Still amongst the ruins we may watch them wriggle like Mr Campbell.


Andy Richards said...

When I saw him blubbing on TV today I wanted to be sick.

Derek Wall said...

wait until you meet him in the street though!

be good to catch with you next time in brighton!

Arthur Brownwindsor said...

When 9/11 happened there was some talk as to why educated westernised Moslems were the pilots English speakers having trained to fly in the US. They were all Koranic literalists, we used to have bible ones, still do.
They believed the west corrupts pure Islamic countires via usury and bribes. No evidence for it at all eh. Total nonsense, mad fanatics eh BAE?

When Keir Starmer was a Marxist.

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