26 Jun 2008

25 candidates in by-election

As well as David Davis and Shan Oakes, we have a varied list of 23 others.

The full list of candidates issued by the acting returning officer Nigel Pearson includes Conservative Party candidate David Michael Davis and Independents Grace Christine Astley, David Craig, Herbert Winford Crossman, Thomas Faithful Darwood, Tony Farnon, Eamonn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Christopher Mark Foren, John Nicholson, Jill Saward, Norman Scarth, Walter Edward Sweeney, John Randale Upex and Greg Wood.

Also on the list are David Laurence Bishop of the Church of the Militant Elvis Party, Ronnie Carroll of Make Politicians History and Mad Cow-Girl for The Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

Tess Culnane for National Front Britain for the British, Miss Great Britain Party's Gemma Dawn Garrett, George Hargreaves of the Christian Party, Hamish Howitt of Freedom 4 Choice, David Icke, Shan Oakes for the Green Party, the New Party's David Pinder, Joanne Robinson (English Democrats - Putting England First) and Christopher John Talbot of the Socialist Equality Party complete the list.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's two candidates - Green versus Grey Davis.

See ya later Grey!!!

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