18 Jun 2008

Personalised care budgets will fail

Had this from Alan Wheatley who consistently does good work on disability/green politics.

Unison is skeptical about the benefits of personalised care budgets for
social care service users.

Personalisation: Unison raises jobs fears

This does not surprise me, with my experience as an ex-social care
'bank' worker. (Even without personalised budgets for service users,
Islington Council put the charity I worked for on a zero per cent budget
increase; that meant in-service training was practically nil.) While
some service users might think unionised workers are a threat to their
freedom, I am more of the opinion that personalised budgets could be
used by unscrupulous purse-string holders as a 'divide-and-rule'
mechanism in the ways that service users relate to each other, and also
lead to a more isolated workforce.

More from the Unison conference at

Alan Wheatley
Disability Spokesperson for London Green Party

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