20 Jun 2008


Green Party Principal Speaker Dr Derek Wall is calling on all Green Party members to support the action to shut down Kingsnorth (the power station not the author from Oxfordshire.)

'Sometimes we need to use non violent direct action, time is short to tackle climate change, yet instead of mining less coal or extracting less oil, its full steam ahead with the madness that is heating up our world. Does Brown care about climate change, if he did, he would not allow Kingsnorth to go ahead. We must resist. Climate camp is part of the process we need to preserve the basic ecological life support systems on this planet. I was so inspired by the organisation of last years Camp, it really put climate change on the agenda and contributed hugely to the campaign against a new runway at Heathrow.'


This summer the Camp for Climate Action will be located in Kent near
Kingsnorth coal-fired power station, where 10 million tonnes of carbon
dioxide are pumped into the atmosphere every year. On Saturday August 9th,
the camp will culminate in a spectacular mass action to shut down the
power station. Why Kingsnorth? While the power station is scheduled for
demolition, its owners E.ON are planning to build a brand new coal-fired
plant in the same place – a ludicrous response to the climate crisis
threatening hundreds of millions of lives around the world. The Camp for
Climate Action has other ideas. Beginning on August 9th, we intend to shut
down Kingsnorth – permanently!

Those at the camp will be joined by thousands more from across the UK to
converge on the power station via land, sea and air. We are organising
ourselves into four different groups, each using different tactics.
There’s something for everyone (including a group accessible to parents
and children).

The ‘Great Rebel Raft Regatta’ (GRRR) will be launching an armada of rafts
of every shape and size. From pirate ships to Viking boats, a multitude of
different themed rafts are being constructed out of recycled materials and
every bit of scrap imaginable (materials will be available at the camp for
you to build your own rebel raft – for more info see www.thegrrr.net).
Once on the river, rafts will swarm towards Kingsnorth like a giant shoal
of disobedient fish, all with a single aim – shut down the climate
criminal. Safety is obviously of paramount importance and full safety
briefings and equipment will be provided.

If you’re a landlubber, not to worry, you can join the ‘Orange Pod’, who
will be putting on their dancing shoes and heading straight for the main
entrance in a colourful, musical spectacle. And if you’re more of a fan of
wild undergrowth than endless economic growth then the ‘Green Guerrillas’
will be approaching through the surrounding fields and woods, looking for
weak points in the perimeter fence – up, under or through.. As for the
aerial approach – these plans are strictly under wraps, find out more at
the camp!

If you can’t make it to the camp, join us just for the day. Trains run
from central London to a pick up point near Kingsnorth every few minutes
and take less than an hour. If you have more time, come to the camp the
night before, or for the full week (August 4th – 10th) where you can take
part in over a hundred workshops and experience sustainable living in
action, like 1,500 people did last year.

Times, transportation information and more details about the groups and
their meeting points will be available at

Get involved today! Join our email list to get mass action updates:

For more information about the camp, visit www.climatecamp.org.uk

Be there on August 9th. Shutting down this power station promises to be a
defining moment in the global struggle against climate


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left888 said...

"...by land sea and air" Interesting; did people get to the Heathrow camp by plane as well?

Anonymous said...

>>>shut down Kingsnorth (the power station not the author from Oxfordshire.)

Aww c'mon can't we shut down both?

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