26 Jun 2008

Letter of support to Hull and East Riding Greens

This went out last week...you could get quite an interesting book out of the stuff on the debate around this....

You are welcome to forward the letter more widely if you wish

Dear Hull & East Riding Greens,

We the undersigned are aware that some members at national level have
expressed concern about your local party contesting the forthcoming
Haltemprice & Howden By-election. However, we want to reassure you that
there are many people in the party and many experienced election campaigners

who are fully supportive of your contesting this by-election. Although David

Davis is correct on the issue of 42 days, we note his appalling record on
many other areas of policy including LGBT issues, climate change and the
human rights act. With no Labour or Liberal Democrat candidates the Green
Party would be the only credible left of centre challenger in this
by-election and we believe it is absolutely right that voters be given a
credible alternative to David Davis. Moreover, we believe that even though
this seat has not been contested by us before, the unique nature of this
contest is likely to deliver the Green Party's best ever vote share in a
parliamentary by-election, and significantly higher than the previous best
of 6.1%. We therefore urge you to stand and believe that contesting this
by-election will enhance the party's future prospects as a serious electoral


Cllr. Darren Johnson AM - London Assembly Member and Candidate for Lewisham
Deptford (former Elections Organiser for Hull Green Party 1988-90)

Cllr. Jenny Jones AM - London Assembly Member

Joseph Healey - International Co-ordinator, GPEx

Jonathan Essex - Campaigns Co-ordinator, GPEx

Cllr Romayne Phoenix - Candidate for Lewisham West & Penge

Noel Lynch - Co-ordinator, London Federation of Green Parties

Penny Kemp - Former Chair, GPEx

Cllr Rupert Read - Norwich Councillor and Lead Candidate, Eastern Region

Andy Hewett - London GPRC representative, Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich

Cllr Dean Walton - Lewisham Councillor (born and brought up in Hessle)


Anonymous said...

Is there a special reason why you are trying to undermine the Green Party by implying the Haltemprice run is the fallout of some massive party split?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the impression of a huge party split is not really accurate. It seems the vast majority of the party is in favour of standing. The row was over a couple of people on the regional committee acting a little high-handedly and ruling that because there was no time for postal ballots to select a candidate, the process couldn't take place. Not a very pragmatic stance, little effort to gauge wider opinion before taking that decision, and now the consensus in favour of standing seems to have bitten those decision-makers on the arse, leading to a reversal. Standard internal political party stuff, really, and apparently resolved now.

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