27 Jun 2008

Greens beat Labour in by-election

Well I think this is the first time the Greens have beaten Labour in a by-election, I went to help the candidate Mark Stevenson, who is a local organic farmer. He was excellent: radical and persuasive. The campaign literature was professional and thoughtful. I was particularly impressed by the newsheet from Oxford Green Party with an article in opposition to war in Afghanistan and stuff on incinerators.

Ok it was a modest third as the candidate says but he didn't exactly have an army of canvassers or a huge political machine behind him. When I went to help it was just the two of us!

Ok as Mark says it was a distant third but in encouraging....where next from Brown, down to 3% on the anniversary of his installation (with out a vote) as Prime Minister.

We came third! Woopee! (OK, a rather distant third,
but even so . . .)
Howell (C) 19796
Kearney (LD) 9680
Stevenson (Green) 1321
Rait (BNP) 1243
McKenzie (Lab) 1066
Adams (UKIP) 843
+ 6 also rans

This got national media coverage with Sky and BBC. Got
a plug in for Brighton and Oxford East.
Thanks to all who helped. This now means that we are
the ONLY party whose vote share has consistently gone
up over the last three parliamentary elections here.
(But I'm afraid we still didn't get our deposit back.)
We're already planning for the GE!

Mark Stevenson
Green candidate for Henley


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for smoothing over the difficulties and organising the candidature of Shan Oakes

Please can you organise a proper system for travelling activists and campaigners to Haltemprice and Howden, with (eco) travel and accommodation organised as much as possible

If we can put together a strong presence in terms of activists on the ground, it will be possible to capture the seat from Davis who, after all, has taken an enormous gamble

Speed is of the essence!

Anonymous said...

Please join Facebook Derek. Our Shan Oakes Facebook group is almost at 100 members, our Green Party group almost at 1,100.

Please join it and start marshalling all those people.

There is a historic by-election to be won in Haltemprice and Howden. It would change the face of British politics forever and open the way to a rising tide of Green MPs.

Isn't that the kind of rising tide we want?

It isn't going to happen without proper direction.

Time is running out: the icecaps and the Siberian permafrost are melting.

Please - organise this 'Peasant's Revolt'!

Derek Wall said...

try the campaign hot line
Campaign Hotline: 01482 471467

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