15 Jun 2008

Kill Kingsnorth with an email to your MEP!

Email your members of the European Parliament to support proposals on
minimum standards of emissions at power stations by Monday night, as
debate will be on Tuesday. This would have obvious consequences for the
UK Government's plans to build a coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth,

There are currently no limits for carbon dioxide emissions from power
stations This could be set to change next week when MEPs discuss
electricity law.

Within the proposals is *Amendment 159* that would effectively ban all
new conventional coal-fired power plants anywhere in Europe by imposing
a carbon dioxide emissions standard of 350g/kwh of electricity produced.
If passed, it would stop Government plans for Kingsnorth Power Station
and others like it.

Amendment 159 has been submitted by the MEPs in the European Greens
group. in legislation being coordinated by Welsh Labour MEP Eluned Morgan.

Suggested text for email

I understand that the European Parliament is shortly to debate and vote
on electricity law.

I would like to convey to you my full support for Amendment 159
prohibiting Member States from authorising the construction of new power
stations that emit more than 350g of carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour

I believe that the risks attached to not adopting such an amendment are
too great to be ignored. Climate change is the biggest threat facing the
world and we need radical action urgently if we are to avert climate
chaos. Low carbon electricity is the foundation of a low carbon economy.
Decarbonising electricity is the biggest single action the EU can take
to cut carbon emissions.

The EU risks being left behind. California has already adopted a minimum
carbon dioxide emissions performance standard for new power plants. This
works within market dynamics as it allows the market to choose which low
carbon technology to deploy and encourages innovation on carbon capture
and storage. As a result utilities are now enthusiastic advocates of low
carbon electricity and efficiency, and while US per capita energy use
has risen by 50% California’s has remained flat for thirty years,
obviating the construction of twenty-four new large power plants.

As a constituent, I urge you to vote in favour of Amendment 159.

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