8 Jun 2008

Tescos bill Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for £86,000

TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has been told he must pay Tesco £86,000 to put his concerns about chicken welfare to the supermarket's shareholders. reports the BBC, yet another reason to boycott Tesco and support the campaign against Tescopoly.

As you may know I was banned from Tescos for life after a bit of imaginative direct action to stop them building their store at Golden Hill, Bristol in the 1990s.

CIWF have been campaigning against Tesco's cruelty:

Going cheap hurts chickens' was the strong message Compassion in World Farming took to Tesco's London stores on Friday 8 February 2008. Demanding justification for the shocking £1.99 promotional price tag on their standard chicken, campaigners made their way to both the Regent Street Metro and Covent Garden Metro, where they protested with banners, placards and two giant chicken costumes.

Compassion in World Farming Campaigns Officer, Eloise Shavelar spoke to the Tesco staff and handed store managers a copy of a letter sent earlier to Tesco's Chief Executive, Terry Leahy, and urged them to take the message to Head Quarters.

Eloise Shavelar said, “We are disgusted at the latest decision by Tesco to sell chickens for £1.99. Despite the scientific evidence that many birds are lame and likely to be in pain and two of Tesco' competitors, Sainsbury's and Co-op promising to end the sale of cheap chicken, Tesco continue not to take chicken welfare seriously.

“Our presence will have hopefully changed some shopping habits, there were members of the public who were keen to know more. Compassion in World Farming believes that the £1.99 price tag on Tesco's standard chicken does not reflect the real price of producing it, or the true value of the bird’s life."

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carine said...

Hi Derek

Good for you for posting about the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Tesco debaucle! He has set up an auction to help raise the funds, or you can just make a stand alone donation. Visit this link to find out more:


Take care

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