25 Jun 2008


Well I had to work quite hard to get the national party to reverse a decision and allow Shan to stand. Now we have to give our full support.

Her blog is here

She notes:

After a democratic debate inside the Green Party about whether we should stand in this by-election, I’m thrilled to announce that today the national party gave the go-ahead to us standing in Haltemprice and Howden, after I was selected last night by the local party to contest the seat against the Conservatives’ David Davis on July 10th.

That’s 16 days time!

Our constituency-wide leaflet is due to go to the printers tomorrow, and we’re starting campaigning in earnest. Any offers of campaigning help can be directed to Martin Dean at sokuto12@sokuto12.karoo.co.uk

I’m looking forward to highlighting the Tories’ hypocrisy on civil liberties.

Here is the press release, we have put out:

The Green Party have today launched their Haltemprice and Howden by-
election campaign.

Green Party Principal Speaker Derek Wall has backed local education
and environment activist Shan Oakes to contest the election. Shan has
lived in East Riding since 1975, where she was an English teacher for
many years and is one of the founders of Voice International, an
organisation working to promote sustainability through education and
is Chair of the Trustees of the Development Education Centre.

Leading Greens will be joining the Shan on the campaign trial in the
next few weeks, including Dr. Wall, human rights spokesperson Peter
Tatchell, target Parliamentary candidates Darren Johnson AM and Cllr.
Adrian Ramsay, and prospective MEP candidates Peter Cranie and Cllr.
Rupert Read.

Dr. Wall said

"This by-election was supposed to be about civil liberties.

"But it's been called by a man - David Davis - who thinks it's okay
for the government to lock you up for four weeks without even telling
you what you're supposed to have done.

"David Davis also believes that you should have no right to criticise
the government within a mile of Parliament.

"He believes that if a child is being bullied for being gay, his
school should not have a policy to protect him.

"And he believes that a judge should be allowed to kill you if he
thinks you've committed a serious crime.

"So the Green Party had to stand. Someone had to stand up for civil


Donations to

Hull & East Riding Green Party

3 Norwood


East Yorkshire

HU17 9ET, UK


Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased that a real supporter of Civil liberties is standing. I hope that real supporters of Human Rights rally around her. Lib Dem voters must be outraged that their central party is supporting a rightwinger like Davis.

Mike said...

Sadly I'm way too busy at work to join in the fun, so the cheque is in the post.

Great first press briefing, right on target.

Anonymous said...

Please organise an online donations system

Derek Wall said...

we have

Cheques can be made out to Hull & East Riding Green Party at the address below, or using the bank details which follow:

Co-op Bank, Alfred Gelder St, Hull
sort code 089299
acc no 65169216

Please let bill@voice-international.net know that you have made a donation, as it's important that we track these.

Many thanks,

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