30 Jun 2008


Had this from the camp, worth reading...its another way of doing Green politics.

Nice US greenwash blog.

Join the Greenwash Guerrillas to show that E.ON’S greenwash won’t wash!
Wednesday, 16th July, 8.15 AM, London

Just two weeks before the Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth, E.ON are
sponsoring a climate summit designed to help industry leaders ‘keep
stakeholders engaged’. Just like their plans for 'clean coal' at
Kingsnorth, this is greenwash of the highest toxicity: a
laughable-if-it-weren't-so-tragic attempt to distract us from the fact
that E.ON are planning to build the first coal-fired power station in the
UK for over thirty years. And that, in a time of unprecedented climate
crisis, is an unacceptable insanity.

This hot-air-fest cannot pass without a visit from… the Greenwash Guerrillas!

Don a white painter’s suit and come on down to the Business Design Centre
in Islington to join a crack team of greenwash detectors. We will be
cordoning off the area and warning summit delegates about the high levels
of toxic greenwash leaking from the building. (We suspect its source to be
E.ON Managing Director Bob Taylor, who’s got a top spot on the panel.) To
get a sense of what the demo will be like, check out the Greenwash
Guerrillas in action - http://risingtide.org.uk/node/250.

This should be a fun, subversive demo, with the Camp for Climate Action,
Rising Tide, People and Planet, Earth First! and WDM all helping to spread
the word. Join us and help show E.ON that our actions won’t be confined to
Kingsnorth this August. Climate Campers will go wherever we need to and do
whatever it takes to shut down Kingsnorth – permanently.

Where: Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH
When: Wednesday, 16th July, meet 8.15AM in front of the Business Design

Bring if you can: a white painter's/boiler suit and any home-made
greenwash detecting devices you can think up (eg. part of an old hoover, a
remote control, a hair dryer painted green – get creative!) If you can’t
bring these things, not to worry, extras will be on hand.

More info: info@climatecamp.org.uk / 07961 917 535

(Get in touch if you're coming from out of town and need accommodation the
night before)

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Frank Partisan said...

Very good blog.

In Minneapolis where I'm from, the Greens are mostly active election time. At times they win office.

I'm working on Cynthia McKinney's presidential campaign. In Minnesota she will be on the ballot for the Greens.

I'm a member of the Int'l Marxist Tendency.

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