1 Jun 2008

Thanks Moth...Climate Actionin Copenhagen

Dear All, I thought you might be interested to know about this.

Towards climate action in Copenhagen 2009
Climate Network 09 | 23.05.2008 23:39 | Climate Chaos | Ecology

We invite you to join the 1st international planning meeting in Copenhagen from
the 13-14th of September 2008. The meeting aims at preparing a large
mobilisation for direct action against the root causes of climate change in
Copenhagen and throughout the world during the UN Climate Conference (30 Nov-11
Dec 2009).

Towards climate action in Copenhagen 2009

First international planning meeting

We stand at a crossroads in history. The facts are undeniable. Global climate
change, caused by human activities, is happening. We all know that, world over,
we're facing a manifold and deepening crisis: of the climate, energy, food,
livelihoods, and of political and human rights. Scientific, environmental,
social and civil society movements from all over the world are calling for
action against climate change.

Massive consumption of fossil fuel is one of the major causes of global
warming, a problem that threatens the lives of hundreds of millions of people
around the world. Instead of leading the way, governments are prioritizing
economic growth and corporate interests while ignoring the speeding train of
climate change hurtling towards the abyss. The corporate exploitation of the
planet's resources cannot be allowed to continue any longer. We have
precious little time to react to this threat. We need action NOW to stop
climate change, and if the so-called 'leaders' won't lead the way,
we must.

On the 30th November 2009, world leaders will come to Copenhagen for the UN
Climate Conference (COP15). This will be the most important summit on climate
change ever to have taken place, and it will determine how the countries of the
world are going to respond to the climate threat. The decisions taken there will
define the future for all the people of the world. The previous meetings give no
indication that this meeting will produce anything more than empty rhetoric and
a green washed blueprint for business-as-usual.

There is an alternative to the current course and it’s not some far-off
dream. If we put reason before profit, we can live amazing lives without
destroying our planet. But this will not happen by itself. We have to take
direct action, both against the root causes of climate change and to help
create a new, just and joyous world in the shell of the old. And so, we call on
all responsible people of the planet to take direct action against the root
causes of climate change during the COP15 summit in Copenhagen 2009.

The exact plans for our mobilization are not yet finalized. We have time to
collectively decide what our best course of action may be. We encourage
everyone to start mobilizing in your own countries. It is time to take the
power back from the leaders not responsible enough to hold it. The power is in
our hands!

Practical information

The meeting is free for everyone, accommodation and food will be provided by
local activists. Note also that the meeting will be held the weekend prior to
the European Social Forum (ESF) in Malmö, September 17-21. People are welcome
to stay in Copenhagen in the intermediate days.

Please announce your arrival to sept08@klimax2009.org. We're happy to
respond to any questions you might have. You can also subscribe to the
international mobilization mailing list.

Please circulate, translate and distribute this call widely.
Climate Network 09
e-mail: sept08@klimax2009.org
Homepage: http://www.klimax2009.org

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