26 Jan 2009

Donate to Gaza

Please donate, I have just sent them some cash https://www.donate.bt.com/bt_form_gaza.html

Perhaps a good time to complain to your MP about the BBC getting the license fee.

They get the Rory Carroll award as far as I am concerned, did their 'impartial' boss bend to Zionist pressure?

Orla Guerin was sacked after reporting on Palestine.

I have no doubt that the decision by the BBC to pull their Middle East correspondent Orla Guerin out of the region and send her to South Africa was part of the normal rotation of BBC news correspondents around the world. However it was pretty bad timing to announce it within days of Director General Mark Thompson's visit to Israel where he had a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Sharon has never hidden his intense dislike of Guerin or the BBC's reporting of the Middle East and Guerin was recently accused of being "anti-semitic" and of "identifying with the goals and methods of the Palestinian terror groups" by a former Israeli minister.

Zionist lies kill!


Anonymous said...

The idea of 'impartiality' is in itself a fantasy. 'News' is a product saturated in values. The BBC board is made up of representative ruling-class figures, not common folk. The BBC is the echo chamber of the agenda of the ruling elite. Notoriously, it privileges Israeli voices over Palestinian ones. Israel "suffers" from "massacres" by Palestinian "terrorists", whereas Israel simply carries out "strikes" on "targets".

Anonymous said...

Before you donate, check history to which pocket the donations to Palestinians of Billions of dollars went to in the last 15 years.
All the "people leaders" became suddenly rich, with huge bank accounts in Swiss.
The Palestinians continue to be poor as this is the leader's strategy for the last 60 years.
Poor Palestinians are better cover stories for the press and easy targets to maneuver.
I was a sucker once...........

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