16 Jan 2009

That's enough theology for today, Dr Wall

God doesn't mind.

Can you imagine a God who did mind.

They obviously would not be a God.

It's very similar to leaders who strive for all to call them leader, vulgar.

I don't believe in either God or a Leader, but you have to have respect those who don't mind what we think of them. They have beauty.

That's enough theology for today, Dr Wall, lets get back to the war and those women with the hammers.


Trofim said...

Imagine if it had read "There probably isn't an Allah" - the bus would be a smoking wreck now. It might even have had shoes thrown at it, which would be most upsetting.
Аллаху Акбар!

Derek Wall said...

Jews, Christians and Muslims share the same god...and Jews, Christians and Muslims I suspect are keener like me to throw their shoes at George Bush than any bus.

Mike said...

After many years of putting up with evangelical Christians plastering buses with lies and harassing us with their amplified ranting in the streets, it's good to see them being given a taste of the majority point of view.

It is not so far back in history that you would be burnt at the stake by the church for such heresy. Mind you in some countries things haven't changed much...

Derek Wall said...

Yes evangelicals with mega phones are no fun...

weggis said...

And just who is the current “evangelist”? Today’s Billy Graham?

OH! It’s Richard Dawkins, the Charles Simonyi Professor for the public understanding of Science and hero of non other than Mike Armstrong.

“Dawkins is the suave Ayatollah of atheism” – Quentin Letts, “The 50 people who buggered up Britain” p 92.

If you want to be a scientist sonny, you have to [it’s a pre-requisite] question scientists!

And here’s the biggy. There is NO scientific Proof. NONE. Sweet FA. It’s a modern day illusion just the same as Medieval potions. You can have mathematical proof, Yes, but NOT scientific proof. Science is a series of hypotheses that have not YET been disproven.

Religion and Science have much in common and [herein lies the problem] are both Human Constructs that purport to offer Truth.

Derek Wall said...

I am not especially a Dawkins fan, cos I love cool Islam, liberation theology and yes science can be less than scientific but I feel that Mike was making in his comment the point that evagelicals literally armed with mega phones shouting at us is no fun...does not seem to be a particulary controversial point to me and I sure you don't really disagree.

Or do you like being shouted at with mega phones when you go to the shops with the exception of course Ashley Gunstock with a mega phone (which would be poetry)...I suspect this is unlikely.

weggis said...

In all my nearly 60 years I have never, ever been shouted at by evangelicals [or anybody else for that matter, including Ashley] with a mega phone. Maybe I should get out more? Or maybe I should just continue to avoid Croydon and Berkshire?

So pray tell Derek. If “Jews, Christians and Muslims share the same god” what is it that makes Islam as opposed to Christianity or Judaism “cool”?

Anonymous said...

What is it that makes Islam as opposed to Christianity or Judaism “cool”?

There are some elements in Islam, like "the way you treat woman, kids, thief's, other religions, alcohol drinkers,"honor killings".
That fascinates some person's WEIRD imagination.
Living in Muslim countries, like Saudi, Iran must be fascinating, so liberal, so advanced, so democratic that support freedom of speech as blogs.


Derek Wall said...

I am very critical of repressive religion and the worst example is probably Saudi...but there is more to Islam than this.

I do find that most rants come from people like anon above.

There was a very good article on cool Islam in the Economist Christmas issue which I will blog at some point.

It does get dull when the Islamphobes come on to the comments, stupidity and hatred occur in all religions, so do more positive outcomes as well.

Have you ever met Muslims anon, thought not.

Did you vote for George Bush anon, who supports the House of Saud?

Anonymous said...


There is a big diffrence between, one who sits at home and reads philosophy and finds that Communism is cool and maybe even that social nationalism can be cool, to the real world of of practical way how those philosophies were applied.
Give me ONE place on earth were Islam implamantation is cool!
For your info, the number of Muslims I met in my life gets to 5000 or more as I worked with Muslims in about 7 countries.
And what is your experience with Muslims my scholar friend, you met 10 intellectuals or read a few books.
There was NO country I found positive, in relations to democracy freedom of speech and liberal attitude, so please don't come up with the pathetic slogans of Bush and Saudi.........

Before you choose to convert to Islam, go and live in a few countries for a couple of years as I did and then let's see your conclusions.

The British wording of the Neighbor grass is greener, applies also to the "GREENS"

weggis said...

I do hope that you are not deliberately being distracted by Anon in order to avoid answering the question.

A link to the Christmas Economist would be nice, but it’s really your view that I seek. It was you who made the statement [without attributing it to anyone else] so it is up to you to defend it.

I’ll repeat the question so you don’t forget, I won’t.

So pray tell Derek. If “Jews, Christians and Muslims share the same god” what is it that makes Islam as opposed to Christianity or Judaism “cool”?

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