9 Jan 2009

Jean Lambert MEP condemns attacks on Gaza

Jean is great, she is up for re-election this year so please Vote Green Party in June if you live in London and I will be posting more on how to support her campaign.

From the office of Jean Lambert MEP
London's Green Party Member of the European Parliament

Immediate Release: 9 January 2009


In response to the Israeli incursion into Gaza, a massive demonstration is
taking place in London tomorrow to appeal for an immediate ceasefire. Jean
Lambert, the Green Party MEP for London, will be joining other speakers
including Tony Benn, in calling on Israel to halt the attacks and demanding
that the international community plays its part to stop the conflict.

Jean Lambert MEP, who was previously named MEP of the Year for her work on
Justice and Human Rights, said:

"This weekend a massive demonstration will be taking place in London to call
for an immediate and complete ceasefire in Gaza. There is no way to justify
this continued devastating assault and granting only three hours of respite
a day is simply shameful.

"When I was in Gaza almost a year ago, I witnessed the terrible suffering of
the Palestinians as a result of the blockade. They lacked the most basic
supplies, including food and essential medical equipment. With many hundreds
dead and thousands injured the present situation must be truly horrendous.

"The blockade has totally failed in its stated purpose. It has instead
consolidated the power of those parts of Hamas that don't want a political
settlement and weakened the possibility of peaceful, democratic progress.

"As well as the emergency humanitarian response, extensive supplies of
health, housing and education resources will be needed to rebuild the
shattered lives and communities.

"The EU needs a strong voice on this conflict, calling for a sustained
ceasefire on both sides. The European Parliament has voted for EU
Governments, including the UK, to halt any upgrading of relations with
Israel in light of on-going human rights abuses. It is also time for Member
States to take responsibility and end the exports of arms which are being
used against civilians. This brutality must not go on."

The demonstration will assemble at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park at 12.30pm
on Saturday 10 January and participants will march to the Israeli Embassy on
High Street Kensington, W8, where there will be speakers from 2.30pm to 3pm.

For more information see http://www.stopwar.org.uk/

Notes to Editors

Jean Lambert and fellow Green MEP, Caroline Lucas, have campaigned for the
EU-Israel Association Agreement to be suspended in response to Israel's
ongoing human rights abuses. The Agreement provides significant support to
Israel and, despite Israel's failure to uphold human rights through the
blockade on Gaza and other punishing treatment, foreign ministers have
stated their intention to upgrade relations.

Jean Lambert is one of nine MEPs representing London and one of two UK Green
representatives in the European Parliament. In October 2005 Jean was named
MEP of the year for her work on Justice and Human Rights. Jean was first
elected Green Party Member of the European Parliament for London in the 1999
European elections and was re-elected in 2004.


Anonymous said...

what is meant by the international community, surely not the UN or the countries that have so far failed to find peace? The only alternative is the international working class from Greece to Gaza. As I understand it the US is shipping arms to Israel through Greece, a perfect opportunity to link in the recent uprising over the police shooting.

Anonymous said...

Without Israel, the reasoning goes, there would be no Al Qaeda terrorists in London and Madrid, no war in Iraq, no nuclear crisis in Iran. Clare Short, a former member of the British cabinet, recently suggested that because the Israel�Palestine conflict "undermines the international community's reaction to global warming," Israel may well be ultimately responsible for "the end of the human race."

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