24 Jan 2009

Hamas 'Israel lost'

Well no brief for Hamas, they certainly have a pretty vicious side, with Ch 4 investigations suggesting they assaulted civilians during the war but if you want a serious killing spree with the latest high tech weapons Israel produced real horror.

Any way interesting to note the Hamas analysis, which mirrored my prediction that the IDF land invasion would kill lots of innocent people without stopping Hamas.

Accordingly, we declare that Israel lost, and lost decisively. What did it achieve? The killing of large numbers of civilians, children and women, and the destruction of homes, ministry buildings and other infrastructure with the most advanced US weapons and other internationally banned chemical and phosphorous elements. Almost 2,000 children were killed and injured in desperate pursuit of political goals. Many international organisations called these attacks war crimes, yet barely a word of denunciation was uttered by any western leader. What message does the EU mean to send Palestinians by its shameful silence on these crimes, when it speaks incessantly on human rights?

If anything, the last three weeks, and previous 18 months, have proved that the Palestinians can never be broken by either starvation, economic strangulation or brutal attack. European leaders have only one option: to recognise the outcome of a democratic process they had called for and supported.

The aggression failed to undermine or weaken the Hamas-led government, or turn Palestinians against Hamas. If anything, public support is stronger than ever in Palestine and worldwide. Hamas's military capabilities have not been hurt, either. This explains Israel scurrying to sign such a strange agreement with the US to stop arms reaching Hamas. It is doomed to fail. As the former Israeli chief of staff Moshe Ya'alon and Binyamin Netanyahu agreed, Israeli forces failed to achieve their objectives.


Anonymous said...

The Palestininians who want rid of those fascist Hamas wankers must be way beyond despair.

I can't begin to imagine how they feel.

Anonymous said...

Well what a hell of a victory for Hamas.
I bet this will drive them to go for another round of victory.
as they did not bring enough hell to their people.

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