18 Jan 2009

George who?

Some conspiracies are true, did you know that King George V was executed by his doctor in 1936, amazing.

I suppose if the facts come out 70 years later nobody cares any more...may be Tony Gosling was right and in 2071, it will be revealed that George Bush personally fired the rockets at the twin towers and got an actor to stand in for him on CNN. Everybody will just go 'George who?'

(I am not by the way supporting Tony's barmy anti-semitism and homophobia)

Spooky....who would believe that a member of the Royal Family, a Monarch was killed by his Doctor, may be they all get killed by Doctors, may be this is why Prince Charles rejects conventional medicine...nobody has been killed yet by homeopathy.

A significant historical medical case is that of the King of England, George V, who died in January 1936. It emerged 50 years later -- in official papers released only in 1986 -- that King George had been directly killed by his physician, Lord Dawson of Penn.

The reason was deplorable. Dawson wanted to be able to announce the King's death in 'The Times' of London -- a "respectable" morning newspaper. He did not want it to occur at a moment when a more popular evening paper might get hold of the story. So he took control.

King George had a serious heart condition, but he was not terminally ill. Bertrand Dawson -- a friend and supporter of Marie Stopes and an advocate of euthanasia -- decided that the King would now be better off dead.

He prepared a lethal cocktail to inject into George's jugular vein and asked the nurse to administer it.

The unnamed nurse refused. She said she was a Christian and did not enter medicine to kill off patients. So, Lord Dawson did the job himself, and it took effect. The King passed away peacefully and 'The Times' duly announced George's death, the following morning, as planned.

The BBC was also given a hint of developments, and was able to make a reliable announcement, late in the evening, that: "The King's life is drawing peacefully to a close." Very handy for the broadcast media too!

May be Richard II was killed by his barber surgeon...may be the Princes in the Tower were topped by their dentist, maybe William II was escaping from his psycho Doctor who was about to over enthusiastically 'lance his boil', when the GP receptionist plugged him with an arrrow.

Some conspiracies are true, some history is false....official government documents are usually kept under wraps in the UK until nobody cares.

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Mike said...

Homeopathy can and does kill, not directly by administering drugs, but indirectly by advising against the use of vital protective measures like drugs to protect against Aids, malaria, and vaccines like MMR.

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