26 Jan 2009

Jerry Hicks: Britain's first green trade union leader?

Environmental problems are about production, about the production of practical green industrial alternatives.

Renewable energy, proper public transport, greener technology is part of the process of getting to a society that works enviromentally.

In Australia the visionary building workers leader Jack Mundey organised green industrial action to prevent damage to conservation sites.

In the 1980s Lucas Aerospace Shop Steward Mike Cooly developed workers plans for green production. Also in the 1980s the Nation Union of Seamen (now part of the RMT) ended the sea dumping of nuclear waste.

Rising from the shop floor of Rolls Royce in Bristol Jerry Hicks has battled against the hierarchy to force a democratic election for General Secretary of Britain's second largest trade union.

Jerry is opposed to the expansion of Heathrow and wants to shift production in a green direction to create jobs via renewables, etc.

Here is his statement on the environment...please spread the word, feel free to get in touch with him directly...its a tough battle but he could win.

Jerry Hicks: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk Derek.

Here is the text of the email/s that I send out to those that have contacted me during the campaign regarding issues of the environment. Please forward to whom ever you feel would be interested. I would be delighted (honoured) to think that I might get the endorsement of the Green Party Trade Union group. I understand the responsibilty that I have to members and would answer any questions or queries that anyone might have. Thanks again, Jerry. 'Keep on keeping on'.

"I am opposed to the 3rd runway at Heathrow. I beleive in an enhanced rail network which should also be publicly owned for the benefit of passengers not profit.

As far as the effect on jobs, the building of hospitals, schools, and public housing will provide 100,000 jobs meeting the needs of people without ruining the planet and disrupting lives.

Couple that with real investment in green energies: Wind, sea and solar which would create up to one million jobs and end our reliance on nuclear power and oil.

Thanks again for caring enough to contact me."

If you want to contact Jerry Hicks, you can mail him here via his blog

I would stress that Jerry is not a GPEW member, I think he is still in RESPECT but its fair to say he has some very solid green views and is the grassroots favourite of socialist, greens and others who want to defend workers interests and to construct an ecological future.

Viva Jerry!

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Joseph said...

I am a member of UNITE but of the other part of the union (T&GWU) so do not have a vote. We could have discussed this at the Green Left meeting in Manchester on Sunday but did not get to hear of the latest developments in time. However, in line with my general call at the Convention of the Left to eschew sectarianism and to support progressive candidates I will put it to the Steering Group of GL to see what the view is.

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