18 Jan 2009

Israeli arms factory smashed in Brighton

ITT/EDO MBM arms factory in Moulescombe, Brighton which supplies Israel has been wrecked by activists campaigning against war.

Swords into waste skips at least.

Prior to entering the factory, the activists made a
video (attached) in which they explained their reasons for the action. One commented: "Israel are committing a gross crime now in Gaza. Israel have killed hundreds of children. I think its absolutely disgusting that weapons made in our cities and in our country are being used to kill innocent women and children. They have been used indiscriminately. If the law and the police cant do anything about it its about time somebody else did."

About 30 police are believed to have attended the factory, where they witnessed computers and office equipment being thrown out of first floor windows. Nine people are believed to have been arrested and taken to the Hollingbury and Worthing Police Stations, where police say they are being held on 'suspicion of burglary'. One protestor is believed to have required hospital treatment.

Video from the local newspaper the Argus here

Campaign against the arms trade have a big list of similar manufacturers of equipment for the IDF

Note this event as well:

Gaza support demo. UAV Engines, Lichfield, Staffs. Monday 19th January

17.01.2009 22:59
There will be a demonstration outside UAV Engines, of Lichfield, Staffordshire, on Monday 19th January, regarding evidence that has been revealed that the company is building engines that are used in Israel's military drones that are aiding the attacks on Gaza.

UAV engines (known as UEL) is owned by the Israel drone specialists Silver Arrow, a subsidary of the Israeli defence contractor Elbit systems. One of its rotary Wankel engines is used in Elbit's Hermes 450 drone. A version of the 450 makes up a squadron of the Israeli air force and has been seen over Gaza in the current conflict, being used for surveillance and targeting for Israel's F-16 strike fighters. Elbit's own website suggests that the Lichfield factory produces engines for the Hermes.

The demonstration will be calling for an end to arms sales to Israel and an end to Israeli violent repression of the Palestinian people.

The factory is situated on Lynn Lane, Shenstone, Lichfield, WS140DT (Tel: 01543 481 819).

The demonstration will be held outside the industrial unit at midday. Meet at Shenstone Railway Station at 11.15 a.m. The factory is approximately 11 minutes walk from the station along Lynn Lane, heading out of town (take the first left after Birch Brook lane).

Transport will be leaving from the Sumac Centre in Nottingham (245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields,NG7 6HX) at 9.30 a.m. To find out more, to offer help with transport etc, or to book transport Tel: Kirsty on 0798 374 3894. Bring banners,things to make noise,etc..Spread the word...


Anonymous said...

Hamas violates ceasefire,were is your call for the Hamas to avoid another war.
Or you are just waiting for the next attack and blame Israel Again.


Derek Wall said...

I have made it very clear I oppose rocket attacks, however the IDF have been using banned weapons and killing kids in UN compounds so my call for a war crimes tribunel also needs to be heard.

Still a bit of kid killing seems to have done a lot of good for the electoral fortunes of the current Israeli government, so I suppose mission accomplished for them.

watson.j said...

Why the hell you concerned about Israel fighting for it's survival, and rightly so,when Iran is going nucleur. Spend more time on the Iranian issue which concerns the whole world. Try smashing companies that deserve smashing on the south coast such as Edwards in Shoreham. They produce vacumm pumps which are needed for nucleur production, and they use them in Iran.

Derek Wall said...

Israel have nuclear weapons and seem rather more likely to use them than their neighbours based on recent events.

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