3 Jan 2009

George Galloway injured in demonstration?

reports are coming in of George Galloway being injured, I know he was caught up in some robust policing as people marched to the Israeli Embassy, I don't know anything more.

Must stop blogging and eat my dinner!


Anonymous said...

George Galloway’s radio show has been cancelled tonight!

Instead, he’s been asked to appear as a “guest” alongside a pro-Israeli speaker.

So, we’re a week in to Israel’s attack - 700 air and artillery attacks, ground troops moving in, militant and large demos in London and across the world, and the only radio broadcaster in the UK who speaks out against Israel’s slaughter of Palestinians is told he can’t host his own show.

I don’t know what pressure Talksport has come under, but it’s definitely worth people complaining - http://new.talksport.net/Contact_us.asp has a “contact” form.

Knowing just how many shitty racist internet trolls have surfaced in the last week, you can be sure that the people who support slaughtering Palestinians will be organised and ready to call in.

It’s vital that we do too. George is on from 10pm and 1am, and the phone number is 08717 22 33 44 (you can text on 81089). He gets a large audience who will have been relentlessly exposed to the lies being pumped out by just about every media organisation in the UK. We need to get in there and put the case for the Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what the hell is going on? Why is this character Collins on instead of George? I smell a rat!

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful decision by TalkSport to remove George Galloway and worsened by their pathetic reasons for doing so. TalkSport are fooling no one, they've censored him and trampled over free speech. Maybe they should stick to sport after all.

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