22 Jan 2009


it's like the Green Party of England and Wales signing up with McDonalds or Sky....toxic bank, Fianna Fail, Green Party Ireland nasty mix.

The Irish Greens are a mirror held up to other green parties...showing the green face of thinking too much about short term office and to little about profound political and social change.

Green Parties bought by corporations scare me....on to some wise words from Patricia.


Former Green Party MEP and member of the party’s National Executive Committee, Patricia McKenna, has strongly criticised her party’s attitude to the resignation today of its most senor elected representative in Munster.

Ms. McKenna said, “I am quite shocked at the cavalier attitude displayed by the party hierarchy towards the departure of our most important elected representative in the Munster region. Chris O’Leary is a long-time member of the party and our only representative in Cork City Council.

She said, “Statements by Deputy Leader, Mary White TD and Senator Dan Boyle that “his decision to resign was not unexpected beggar belief. Our party is in free-fall and they appear to be in complete denial. Chris O’Leary’s resignation would not have happened if the party had admitted to its failings in Government and had made a commitment to return to its true values. As party Chairperson Dan should be gravely concerned that key figures representing the core values of the party are finding it impossible to remain in the party. Chris was instrumental in getting Dan Boyle elected to the Dail”.

McKenna went on to say, “The suggestion in the party’s press statement that “personal and local reasons were behind his decision” is disingenuous in the extreme. The party leadership knows that Chris would find it impossible to represent a party he no longer has confidence in. Is this the price we must pay for the privilege of doing Fianna Fail’s dirty work? The party are now treating their most important asset, the grass roots, with the same contempt they have displayed to the voters so bitterly betrayed by our election promises.”

“When I challenged John Gormley for party leadership I warned that we the Green Party could be in danger of loosing our identity within a Fianna Fail led government and that appears to be exactly what is now happening. The Party has adopted a head in the sand approach and a mentality of stay in Government regardless of the cost.”

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