30 Jan 2009

Peace in Isreal/Palestine

Well I must say the Green Movement are a lot better than the Israeli Green Party, I am impressed they are running both Jewish and Palestinian candidates....although I have not I regret seen a clear peace statement from them.

Chadesh are running on a refuse racism campaign of Arab-Israeli friendship, we have to hope they succeed then we could see real peace and justice.

The Jewish-Arab front's new campaign slogan is "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies. Hadash – the opposite of Lieberman." Yvette Lieberman is the leader of the racist Yisrael Beiteinu party.The campaign will also feature several videos showing Jewish and Arab youths and a website.

However it is pretty depressing that the Electoral Commission in Israel have banned two Arab Parties...I am assuming that this will be over turned.

Any way three cheers for the Israeli peace movement!


Anonymous said...

The ban was overturned - some days ago, just as everybody expected it would. From the outside this stuff looks so capricious. I wonder what is really behind it. Avigdor Lieberman, architect and main campaigner for the ban, vows to return with a cricket test. I doubt he will get anywhere, but with the climate as it is there's no reason to be compacent. To me this means support those in Israel who seek peace with Arabs and Palestinians, and do not weaken them with boycott talk and anti-Zionist invective. Mira

Derek Wall said...

thanks Mira

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Green Movement-Meimad peace platform, the Hebrew version is fairly extensive, but the English version - http://hayeruka-meimad.org.il/english - is reduced to a single paragraph at the end of the page. The gist is a belief in the principle of two states/two people, and withdrawl from territories with appropriate security guarantees for Israel. The Hebrew version also discusses our support for using the Arab Peace Initiative as a basis for re-initiating a region-wide peace process, strenghtening peace and tolerance education in Israel, and economic relations with the Palestinians based on the principles of fair trade. And significantly, we advocate people-to-people cooperative projects (in particular in the environmental and water realm) to help build mutual trust between Israelis and Palestinians so that we can progress towards taking the steps needed for a lasting peace. Hope that helps clarify a bit. And I hope more that we have a sizable representation in the next Knesset. Daniel.

Anonymous said...


Don't be Naive.
Green is a color.
What you see as Green, those who run the blog see as red.
Didn't you see the HADASH add in this comment.
The Green-reds are Anti-Zionist with connections to the extrem left in Israel.
Their green is Pro-Palestinian and Anti Israeli (see some of thier posting and you will understadn what I mean).
With all the respect, I am for the Greens in Israel.
If the Israel Green party identifies itself with those Green-reds, well I think you guys have a problem.

Find yourself another Green, as Green in one place is not always Green in another place.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, thanks for your comment. We may want to move the conversation over to my blog, in case Derek doesn't want to "host" it. Anyway, I'm not under any allusions here, but the host did ask about our peace platform, and I feel obliged to answer (I won't be the one to close off a potential dialogue). Both you and he can read it online at the aforementioned link and judge for yourselves. Maybe you will both agree, maybe you will both find something to object about it. Either way, our Green philosophy (which does in fact extend beyond simple environmental issues, which is what distinguishes us from Visner's Green Party) is our own and uniquely Israeli - written by some of Israel's best environmental scholars, activists and policy makers. Obviously, I'm more interested in you seeing it, as you are a potential voter! Best, Daniel.

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