5 Jan 2009

Why we need green Green Parties to campaign for justice!

Had this comment which I wanted to flag up, it shows, we need to engage in building strong ecosocialist and green sections in Green Parties every where

While I am a bit underwhelmed by the Green Party website over here (although the Village People were fun) may be we need to move on from taking the piss of the pope and get some solid anti-war graphics up, at least our Green MEPs Jean Lambert and Caroline Lucas have worked tirelessly for Gaza and lots of other causes. The party has been mobilising pretty well on a local basis to challenge the war.

The Pope was out of line, using 'nature' to attack LGBT...but don't we need to update the web with some more stuff!?

Cynthia Mckinney (bless her) is like a Green Party super women for the people of Gaza, enemy number one of the war mongers, who make racist comments about her.

But other Green Parties have become less radical 'Joseph' here flags up two examples, I am no fan of the Irish Green Party who have become through motorway building running dogs of business as usual capitalism, however to be fair to them that have condemned the current bloodshed in Gaza, with some vigor will post if I have a moment their statement

Was part of a small but loud ecosocialist Green Party posse on this evenings demonstration outside the Isreali Embassy in London, every night 5.30-7.30 so get down there..any how on to the sage comment!

Our friends in the Czech Green Party, whose nominee is the Foreign Minister, are also supportive of Israel. Not content with supporting US Star Wars radar bases on Czech territory, which most of the population are opposed to, they now also buttress Israel as a part of the Czech government. Thankfully two Czech Green MPs have broken ranks with this disgraceful government and are voting against them on a number of issues, particularly the bases.

My two lease favourite Green parties - the Irish and the Czechs. And who did the Irish invite to be guest speaker at their conference last year? Yes, you have guessed it , the Czech Green Education Minister.

Both parties in bankrupt right wing coalitions, who will each pay the price with the voters next time around. Both offer grim warnings about Green 'pragmatism' and lack of ideology.

The Czech government at present can be expected to support everything dreamed up by Bush and the neo-cons, from NATO expansion to unconditional support for Israel.

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Red Green Nick said...

Agree with you on the Czech and Irish parties, I certainly wouldn't support either of them, there are lessons to be drawn for us in the GPEW about what comes from siding with the right.
I like Cynthia McKinney, but her support of some dodgy conpiracy theories (9/11 truth etc...)is unfortunate.

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