3 Jan 2009

Ground war begins: 'they will bring upon themselves a bigger 'shoah''

"The more Qassam fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, they will bring upon themselves a bigger 'shoah' because we will use all our might to defend ourselves." promised deputy defence minister Matan Vilna, back in March 2008

The horrendous but expected assault has begun.

According to the BBC Israeli troops are moving into Gaza:

An Israeli military spokeswoman said the intention was to "take control" of areas from which Palestinian militants have been firing rockets into Israel.

Al Jazeera notes

Alan Fisher, Al Jazeera's correspondent on the Israeli-Gaza border, said that the Israeli army had confirmed it had entered Gaza and that he had witnessed the movement of tanks and armoured vehicles in the area.

Hamas had earlier vowed to defeat the Israeli army if it invaded the territory.

The Israeli cabinet said it had called up about 9,000 reservists as part of its preparations.

The gound assault came as the death toll of Palestinians climbed past 450 on Saturday as a strike on a northern Gaza town killed at least 11 people, including one child, who were praying in a mosque.

A column of tanks entered the besieged Gaza Strip though the Beit Hanoun crossing shortly after nightfall on Saturday.

Israeli artillery had started firing shells into the Gaza Strip for the first time on Saturday, ahead of the ground offensive.

The comment below is interesting because it shows how many Jewish people are hostile to the massacre and how dismissively they are treated by supporters of the military machine, all other opponents are seen as 'anti-semites' of course.

There are two types of Westerners who have been critical of Israel’s defensive actions in Gaza this week: Anti-Semites and some in the so-called Jewish intellectual elite. Whilst most non-Jews I have met over the last few days have expressed support for Israel’s actions, I have run into a number of Jews who have expressed their moral outrage at the Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

However, the most shocking and offensive criticism came from Harvard University’s Sarah Roy. Writing in the Christian Science Monitor, Roy observes that the fighting started on Chanukah and asks: “How am I to celebrate my Jewishness while Palestinians are being killed?”

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Anonymous said...

"they will bring upon themselves a bigger 'shoah'"

mmm... sounds like a nice chap

I'm sure if you have a word with him nicely at one of your dinner parties, he'll moderate his views.

This chap sounds a little bit unpleasant too:

Now, while I like a man who knows his own mind, I draw the line a fair way before this fellow. Not sure how he'll be won over to the righteous path of peace and love. Or would have been if he weren't dead.

Ho hum.

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