31 May 2006

Actually existing eco-fascism in Glasgow?

There seems to be very little discussion of actual far right Green politics, much of the use of the term 'ecofascism' is a silly insult from right wingers who fear environment legislation. Commentators in the US might see concern over global warming as leading to 'ecofascism' or of 'ecosocialism'. Green fascism/Nazism is an oxymoron in a sense because one of the pillars of green politics is social justice. Often criticism of 'ecofascism' is something else, for example, I have seen the primitivist John Zerzan labelled a 'fascist' now while you may disagree with primitavism it is not a racist ideology?

I think sadly in Scotland we have actual existing ecofascism in the form of Alistair Mcconnachie who has stood in several elections as the Independent Green Voice candidate.

His manifesto is strong on the environment and opposition to debt slavery but also hostile to 'bogu' asylum seekers and 'environmentally damaging immigration'.

'Independent Green Voice is an ecologically-aware political party based in Glasgow which campaigns for policies based around the theme of Localism, not Globalism. We are standing in Glasgow South West on the basic, common-sense platform of stopping unsustainable and environmentally damaging immigration and bogus "asylum seeking", leaving the costly and undemocratic European Union, establishing a Public Investment Bank to create debt-free money for public services, supporting our pensioners and young families, and opposing the Iraq War. ' fromhttp://www.sovereignty.org.uk/features/articles/manifesto05/05manifesto.html

As noted before he was kicked out of UKIP for being a holocaust revisionist and stocks AK Chesterton's The New Unhappy Lords. Chesterton was the founder of the National Front and a right wing anti-semitic anti-globalist, concerned with the Bilderberg group and Trilateral Commission.

Now I guess that he would deny being a fascist, despite the fact that he has also been supportative of the BNP...but the links between monetary reform, anti-semitism and hostility to immigration and 'bogus' asylum seekers, seem all to clear.

Worryingly as environmental problems bite we could see more of this particular 'greenwave', Greens and socialists in Scotland be warned.

Social creditors argue that I criticise their anti-semitism because I am hostile to social credit, in fact I am hostile to social credit because of its links to anti-semitism.


Joe Otten said...


I am hostile to Social Credit because it is a pig's breakfast of an idea.

Opposing it because it is "linked" to anti-semitism would be like opposing ecosocialism because it is "linked" to ecofascism.

The links with anti-semitism are a warning sign, an, ahem, red flag, but they say little about whether the idea has any merit.

Anonymous said...

you say term "'ecofascism' is a silly insult from right wingers"

well the term global warming denier is equally insulting

get a life

Anonymous said...

Fascism has many guises. Frankly any form of authoritarianism has to be challenged by socialists including the new trendy "green" hegemony taken up by Tories, Liberals, Labour Party et al. How a socialst can be considered "green" or how there can be such a thing as an ecosocialist is beyond me. A socialist by definition wants to end capitalism which is the real wrecker of our environment. Green politics has always made me feel uncomfortable. Even now, the pseudo science of global warming/climate change is ringing alarm bells in socialist heads. All I can say to genuine greens is - be very, very careful - without sound political education, you never know what you might turn into. "Ecofascism" is not an insult from silly right wingers - many of them know full well the history of the green movement - as does anyone who has bothered to read up on their poitical history!

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