28 May 2006

Worm bin toilet

I found the above link, cool, but would it work in the UK, I guess in the winter it would become too cold to use outside and the worms would die with absolutely catastrophic results. Marx's ecological concerns centred around the waste of sewage that was flushed away rather than used as sweet might soil for the land.

Marx noted that capitalism 'disturbs the circulation of matter between man and the soil' in Chapter XV of Capital One, I don't think Mrs Jenny Marx was prepared to put up with an outdoor eco toilet, now of across in a socialist country like Cuba I guess this is normal and in Venezuela compost toilets are being put into the barrios, this is a public health measure where there is no connection to the sewage system.

Anyway see some of you tommorrow at the Kingston Green Fair, where I am sure Adam Buick of the SPGB will roundly condemn me for discussing actually existing ecological reforms, when eco will only come after the socialist revolution...

But at the same
time it creates the material conditions for a higher synthesis in
the future, viz., the union of agriculture and industry on the
basis of the more perfected forms they have each acquired during
their temporary separation. Capitalist production, by collecting
the population in great centres and causing an ever increasing
preponderance of town population, on the one hand concentrates
the historical motive-power of society on the other hand, it
disturbs the circulation of matter between man and the soil
(i.e., prevents the return to the soil of its elements consumed
by man in the form of food and clothing); it therefore violates
the conditions necessary to lasting fertility of the soil. By
this action, it destroys at the same time the health of the town
labourer and the intellectual life of the rural labourer.(244*)
But while upsetting the naturally grown conditions for the
maintenance of that circulation of matter, it imperiously calls
for its restoration as a system, as a regulating law of social
production, and under a form appropriate to the full development
of the human race.

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