8 May 2006

Dr Wall's diary

Well, the big news is my girlfriend and I are going to get married. She is lovely, glamorous and radical and we have so much fun including our trip to Venezuela and on the campaign trail for Penny Kemp and food reviews and much else. It will be an excuse to have a big camp pagan ceremony in August 2007! So watch this space, haven't been officially married before but I do have three sons from my previous partner. Will be good fun to dress up, may be cross dress in recycled finery. Lots more on marriage in future blogs...must tell you about the time that I was asked on Islam TV about what I thought of gay marriage by Yvonne Ridley...much as I like Yvonne her attitude that it is simply 'haram' is not one I share.

Obviously the religious aspects must be exploited...if any gay Zen priests want to help out mail me here!, the consumerism subverted and the state element dealt with.

Other news how can there be other news...well, did lots of cooking and Dr Who watching with my sons, Genesis of the Daleks....got my middle son Larry to read some wisdom from 'The Tao Of Pooh' to Peter Wall, age five. Vince has been writing some Dr Who plot summaries to improve his english skills...he is heir to a long line of dyslexics you may have guessed from these postings.

Speaking engagements snowballing and my industrial action as VT at Goldsmiths continuing....sent off for Kit Pedler's The Quest for Gaia, so we can all have some cybemen/doomwatch/ecocatastrophe science fiction fun later in the week.

Off to Zen this evening...really touched by Samuel's posting,

'Nice blog... I'm Sam, am also an ecosocialist, I lived w/ Walt Sheasby up 'til his death, took care of his dog when he went to England in late '03 to visit you...
my own blog is at http://ecosocialism.blogspot.com'

to think he was looking after Walt's dog when he and his girlfriend visited me over here in the UK.

Tonnes of gardening going on, will it be hot enough to grow ginger, the chillis and peppers are in the propagator, potatoes, tomatoes, sweetcorn, coriander..all coming up...nothing pisses off the ecofascists than some curry plants subverting the english allotments and gardens....they assume that multiculturalism/migration is a plot by evil bankers (guess which racial group they are obssess with) to weaken our bodily fluids (or something, its a while since I read 'The New Unhappy Lords')

also got Darren to speak with Chavez...meeting next monday is the main ecosocialist task of this week.

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greenman said...

Congratulations to you both!

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