31 May 2006

Bakhtin...prince of the pixies

Is academic work worth it...when faced with the RAE, etc...it seems like another game , a counting game, a market game...but sometimes it is worth it, just may be, Bakhtin who was great fun, a great scholar, a Marxist materialist in the best sense and a very zen Christian argued that political struggle went down to individual words. so nice to see Alex Plows effort as an ex-Earth First! donga gaining recognition for pixing....cited in an article which Brian Doherty and myself helped her with...here in this rather nice web dictionary

Here is the pixie stuff pasted in, do try this at home kids...well may be...


Dictionary definition of “pixie”
pixie v. to practice sabotage as an expression of environmental politics.
Editorial Note: Pixieing can range from mischievous to criminal acts, including occupying a site, crippling machinery, or removing survey markers. Etymological Note: The article cited in the Oct. 2004 citation says, “The Earth Liberation Front initial ELF led to the use of the term ‘elf’ and then to ‘pixie-ing.’” Related: repmobile — waps — mottainai — auroral chorus — English — United Kingdom — Environment — Slang

Citations: 1997 Do or Die “Life on the Battle Star” no. 6, p. 82: The security started putting up fences between the camps with razor wire. You could lose your finger on it. We started resisting, they started arresting us. Soon the security started conniving with the police to help beat us so we pixied at night generally just snipping it and taking it back to camp for building material. 1998 UHC Collective (United Kingdom) (Summer) “DIY tunnelling”: Its best not to get too nocturnal as it can make your body clock do weird things and means that others aren’t as able to help you—though it can make pixieing more convenient. 2001 SchNEWS (United Kingdom) (July 13) “Race Against Time: Peatiful” no. 313,: After pixieing for the day and seriously affecting the peat harvesting everyone left the site, no arrests were made. 2001 Andy Letcher Folklore (Oct.) “The Scouring of the Shire: Fairies, Trolls and Pixies in Eco-Protest Culture”: The final example is the use of the word “pixieing.” It is in extremely common usage among protesters. It can mean any act of cheeky defiance of authority, such as the snatching and wearing of a security guard’s hard hat, but it more properly refers to acts of eco-sabotage. Here the heavy machinery used in, say, the construction of a road, is damaged so as to prevent it being used again and to escalate the costs.…"Pixieing” is a word specific to Britain, reflecting the underlying fairy mythology in British protest culture. In contrast, eco-sabotage is called “monkey-wrenching” in America. 2004 Alexandra Plows, Derek Wall, Brian Doherty Social Movement Studies (Oct.) “Covert Repertoires: ecotage in the UK” vol. 3, no. 2, p. 205: I went on rallies for example, but I never really did that thing of kind of living in the trees and being there when evictions were happening. But things I did were more like ‘pixieing.’ So at that time I was going along in the middle of the night and you know putting knives in tyres of the Landrovers [sic] that the security guards were in, and you know, or otherwise when they started putting out signs for where the road was going to go…I’d be out there moving them somewhere else. 2006 [avocado] Kathleen’s internet journal (Sheffield, U.K.) (May 12) “Fucking Finished The Essay Of Doom”: “Pixieing” is a slang term for the act of damaging or sabotaging machinery, usually carried out in a covert way. This tactic differs from some symbolic actions carried out by peace groups, where protestors damage military equipment and then wait to be arrested, in that those doing the “pixieing” hoped and tried to evade arrest.

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