28 May 2006

Green lifestyle

Well, I have been planting more beans, leeks, coriander, tomatoes.....using the compost and filling tyres which can be used for growing with soil.

Lifestyle....well we need to change structures not view personal effort as key, Green parties need to be putting in the ecological structures cycle lanes, kirbside collection of waste for recycling, green building standards, green policy should be focussed on these kind of reforms, small scale local energy production rather than nukes, composters not incinerators.

Lifestyle...should be a pleasure, nice bit of digging if you like digging but a mulch of cardboard or appropriate compost kills the weeds and conserves water with less long term effort.

Lifestyle...from freeganism, squatting, growing useful basics like herbs can mean that we are less dependent on a capitalist economy.

Lifestyle...its about cultural identity but competitive lifestyle action, I recycle more than you can be a pain like competitive consumption, although with less bling and fewer green house gases.

Lifestyle...its about taking what you like from different cultures, blogging and permaculture, italism in your own local context.

Lifestyle...share more, consume less, enjoy life....zen is necessary here as well.

There are lots of good blogs on thissuch as How to Be Green

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