30 May 2006

Kingston Green Fair

Kingston Green Fair was well attended and fun, we only stayed for a bit, being quite busy. Very good to run into Liz Davies, ex Labour NEC member and chair of the Socialist Alliance, she is not a Green Party member but has been very supportative of Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert, our MPs. She was famously blocked from standing as a Labour parliamentary candidate in Leeds, although generally pro Green she did criticise the Leeds Green Party (Farnley and Wortley) for working as part of a conservative-Lib dem adminstration. How can Green local councillors maximise their impact in the way are excellent MEPs have done? Can change be achieved without compromise with other parties, if not what compromise is acceptable?

She was talking about peace and reconstruction efforts in Iraq, stressing that there is an obligation to work for these goals while removing troops.

My debate with Adam Buick of the Socialist Party of Great Britain, attracted a tent full of 30 plus people, we didn't seriously disagree about the need to replace capitalism. The question of how to do so was trickier, the SPGB argue for revolution and against reform but this seems to prevent positive action that leads to the revolution!

I noticed that there DVD which I will watch and review 'Capitalism and other kids stuff' has been praised by Venezuelan television. Anyway these events get ideas across, a green society will demand deep thought and much difficulty, pretty alien in this era of sound bite, text sized politics.

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