13 May 2006

Cybus is a satanic version of google/microsoft

'Skin of metal that will never age or die', cybus industries run by dying billionnaire John Lumic runs the planet, Cybus is a satanic version of google/microsoft...but this is a world without linux or open source....everyone except a few wacky luddite deep ecologists have earpieces sticking them on to the net. The ultimate upgrade is the cyberman, those incompatible are to be deleted.

Iconic Doctor who monsters in a story just as bold, revisionist and exciting as genesis of the daleks...faithful to the Kit Pedler critique with added class politics, the upper class live in giant air ships, the proles curfewed at 10PM in a grimy London on the ground, the homeless are being enticed into vans and given the cyber treatment, tempted with free big macs and shakes...viciousness of social division in some nice dialogue with Rose as waitress and her mum in alternative universe docking her pay for the party night.

Dr Who upgraded by Zizek or Negri....next week the multitude will fight back.

Good on the ethics of medical advance...look forward to a remake of 'The Green Death'


Phugebrins said...

It looks like you've been having trouble with your sidebar margins?

If you'll pardon my intrusion, I think the problem is that your HTML tags don't balance. Wherever there are lists in your sidebar, you should enclose them with <ul> (to begin) and </ul> (afterwards): looks like you've got a load of <ul>s - but you need to end each list with a </ul>.

Derek Wall said...

Thanks, looks ok to me at present but my basic technical expertise is lacking on this, generally I try and team up with appropriately skilled allies...bookwise for example Xanthe Bevis produced an excellent index and Pete Lockley did the photos, well try and get everything looking better on this blog in the future.

best wishes,


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