4 May 2006

Chavez in London! May 15th

spread the word....Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru?, Britain next...ecosocialism o muerte!

We are going to win a lot of Green Party council seats today....

>Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will be in London on 15-16 May on a private
>visit, which will include meetings with the Mayor of London and the Trade
>Union Congress (TUC).
>To mark the visit of President Chavez, the Venezuela Information Centre is
>organising a public meeting to show support for the progressive social
>reforms of the Venezuelan government and for the right of the Venezuelan
>people to determine their own affairs free from foreign interference.
>Monday 15 May
>7.00pm, Friends House,
>173 Euston Road NW1, London (opposite Euston Station)
>Speakers include:
>Tony Benn
>Colin Burgon MP, Labour Friends of Venezuela,
>Diane Abbott MP
>Keith Sonnet, Deputy General Secretary, UNISON,
>Richard Gott
>Tariq Ali
>Organised by Venezuela Information Centre
>For further information visit www.vicuk.org
>Email: info@vicuk.org
>Call: 020 7607 4280

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