4 Apr 2008

Derek Wall urges Olympic protest for human rights

Derek Wall Green Party Principal Speaker says 'I urge you to get on the streets on sunday to protest at the Olympics being held in China. Human rights are abused in Tibet but in this matter there is little discrimination, human rights are abused irrespective of ethnicity by the Chinese government. Tibet must be free and all Chinese must be allowed human rights. The Olympics will be a scandal.'

Phelim writes...

The Olympic Torch is passing through London this Sunday. You will of course have heard about the brutal occupation of Tibet by the Chinese and the cultural, spiritual and unseen physical genocide of the Tibetans at the hands of the Chinese (ranging from forced sterilisations without anasthetic, to torture, long term imprisonment and squashing of personal and religious freedoms).

In order to highlight the plight of Tibetans and to rally to the Torch of Free Tibet, please support the protest along the route on 6th April. This weblink provides details of where to gather at key points and about the day itself and full info is below. Please support.


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Anonymous said...

Im sorry but i think that if the olynpics shouldnt be held in china they shouldnt be held in London either. The UK supports the Occupation in Iraq and Palestine and turned a blind eye to extraordianairy rendition. As well as providing assistance to colombia. Im not convinced by the case for an indepent tibet i prefer a multi-ethnic multi religious democratic china. I think westerners over idealise tibetan budhism and that the tibetans attacks on han chinese and muslims were at best stupid.From a green party member

Anonymous said...

Good point above regarding british occupation of irag along with america. Surely if we boycott china (which i agree we should) we should also be boycotting ourselves.

S. Keita said...

I note that your fave read, the Morning Star, is demonising The Dalai Lama.

SLCondensed said...

For some reason I feel extremely hypocritical protesting human rights infringements and living in the United States... just saying

S.Keita said...

You have free will. You can live in 1-party Cuba. Viva Castrol!

W 9.4.08

Don said...


May I suggest a link related to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?

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Please let me know if you want a link back.
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