25 Apr 2008

Greens on the London Assembly have delivered

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If everyone who was thinking of voting Green next week, but just wasn't sure, met Noel Lynch they would be converted to hardcore Green voters instantly. Noel is a kind down to earth hard working man who would put the people first. It's a shame Noel can't simply knock on every door in London before the run up to the election!!

Vote Green- Vote Left

I think sadly that there is a real risk of Boris, so make sure you vote Sian 1 and then Ken, to stop Jeremy Clarkson's favourite politician from getting his hands on your tube,

and vote Green for Assembly we must get Noel back on...I am a paid up member of the Noel appreaciation society and I am not the only one.

Greens on the London Assembly have delivered

Greens have tripled the money available for supporting cyclists and walkers from £21 million to £63 million. Cycling on main roads in London has risen by 83% since 2000. This builds on London's position as the only major city in the world to have achieved a shift from private car use to public transport, walking and cycling.

Greens have secured an additional £18m over the next three years to deliver new waste and recycling facilities to ensure that London deals with the bulk of its own waste and to use the waste to produce renewable energy.

We have set up the London Living Wage Unit to tackle poverty pay - the contracts for building the Olympics aim to include the London Living Wage.

We have started the new Green Homes Service that supports Londoners who want to make their homes greener. As well as Transport for London's (TfL) £25m climate change mitigation funding, the London Development Agency now has a three-year £35m funding of Climate Change Action Plan projects such as the home insulation, Green homes, and the business-focussed Green 500 programmes.

We have secured the East London Green Grid, which will create the equivalent 29 Hyde Parks of new green space and protect the flood plains in east London.

We have doubled expenditure on road safety in London - our casualty rate has fallen faster than any other region in the country.

The Greens have also secured commitments from the current Mayor for major changes in the future. These include:

* Over £500m in the next ten years for new initiatives on cycling and walking.
* All new buses from 2010 onwards to be electric/diesel hybrids, producing a third less pollution.
* Training programs for green skills and a new emphasis on promoting green jobs in London.
* Boroughs will be given support and encouragement by TfL to adopt 20mph as the default speed limit across all residential areas.

With more elected Greens we can make more of a difference.
The 2008 budget agreement

Darren Johnson and Jenny Jones have made London a cleaner, greener and more affordable city. This has been achieved during the last four years by using their influence over the Mayor's budget. The London Mayor has outlined a series of policy changes, new initiatives and major projects in an annual budget agreement letter to the two green party assembly members.

This year's letter can be found at www.london.gov.uk/news/2008/letter-220108.

There is a press release from the Mayor's office, explaining the agreement, at www.london.gov.uk.

This year's budget letter was followed by more announcements on walking and cycling, which can be found at www.london.gov.uk.

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