28 Apr 2008

SE Euro candidates selected

Post 1,000!

Caroline has won the Euro MEP nomination for the South East (no surprise), followed by Keith Taylor and then yours truly.

Miriam drops from third which seems a shame given her economics work and I think it is a shame Nigel Tart isn't quite in the first 11 because he is a sterling camapigner on LGBT and TU stuff and election agent for Brighton.

seems to be Principal speakers get the posts...last time it was of course Caroline followed by the late and much lamented Mike Woodin...I was in position 8 then....

here is the announcement

Dear candidates,

We carried out the count today and the results are as follows:

1st place Caroline Lucas
2nd place Keith Taylor
3rd place Derek Wall
4th place Miriam Kennet
5th place Jason Kitcat
6th place Hazel Dawe
7th place Jonathan Essex
8th place Matthew Ledbury
9th place Steve Dawe
10th place Alan Francis

1st reserve Beverley Golden
2nd reserve Nigel Tart
3rd reserve Adrian Windisch
4th reserve John Pemberton

Congratulations to you all.

Best wishes,
Leo Littman ERRO


Anonymous said...

Hey Derek, well done on the Euro List position, shame you're not heading the list though...
I'm also happy to see Jonathan Essex on the list a great guy.

James Caspell said...

Congrats Derek, good to see a Green Left candidate high up. Am I right in thinking that the rules now are that somone can't be an MEP and MP at the same time. Therefore if the Greens get two MEPs at the next election and then Caroline subsequently wins Brighton Pavillion (as I hope and think she will), that you will be next in line to be sent to Brussels?!

In solidarity,


Derek Wall said...

thanks for the kind comments, I am not expecting to be an MEP any time soon but hopefully Caroline will win as an MEP and Keith will become the new MEP.

I am just interested in continuing to push radical green politics aka ecosocialism!

Two MEPs would be great but it will take lots of work

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