17 Apr 2008

Noel Lynch predicted to win

well on the mend, I am mainly dealing with work back log, however I am hoping to push the Green Party for the elections...looks like there is a good chance of Noel Lynch being elected back on to the Greater London Assembly...he came on to replace Victor Anderson (who incidentally helped me a lot with my phd research (story for another day) but lost his seat in 2004.

It is widely predicted that with an increased Party profile, Sian at 5%, he will sweep back in

He is a keen advocate of local pubs, so may be we can see some GLA Green policies to promote sustainable beer consumption...I must declare an interest my partner Sarah is a publican...with the smoking ban and possible recession publicans are suffering and tied houses are pretty much under pressure.

Food, local, organic, etc seems a good business strategy! Local pubs are better than tinnies from the supermarket!

this is from a pub industry website

Licensees could get a pub champion on the London Assembly if the Green Party wins a third seat.

Noel Lynch (pictured right), whose grandfather and two of his uncles ran pubs, could join fellow Green members Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson on the Assembly.

If elected, Lynch has promised to do everything he can to stop pubs closing.

"Small businesses like pubs are essential to a thriving local community," he said. "They are the glue of a community."

Lynch is also taking an anti-supermarket stance.

"Having a drink in a relaxed, sociable atmosphere in a pub is much better than binge-drinking on cheap supermarket booze," he said.

Lynch has a history of campaigning in support of pubs, post offices and libraries in London.

The Greens would need to gain 10% of the vote to get Lynch on to the 25-strong Assembly.

They gained 8.5% of the vote in 2004. The elections take place on 1 May.


Noel Lynch

Noel is the Green Parlimentary candidate for Finchley and Golders Green

A former Green Party Member of the London Assembly, Noel Lynch grew up in Co. Limerick, Ireland, and moved to London in 1986. He is a shop owner, auctioneer and community activist.

Noel is also founder member of "The Archer" (a community newspaper for N2) and of the East Finchley Traders Association.

He is on the Administrative Committee of the Finchley Society and has spent six years as a voluntary adviser with the East Finchley Advice Centre, as well as conducting many charity auctions. Prior to becoming an Assembly Member he worked for the No-Euro Campaign.

He is the owner and founder of London Green News, the independent newspaper.

Key issues and concerns

* Planning
* Community campaigns
* 'The excluded'
* Irish and minority ethnic issues
* Small businesses
* Trade unions
* Phone masts, credit unions, animal rights

he blogs at the green room

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LondonStrategicVoter said...

Excellent post, what a great guy Noel is.

Re the London elections, readers may be interested to know that the London Strategic Voter is now back online for the London elections at www.strategicvoter.org.uk

It's got a lot of data (every ward) on "left of New Labour" voting last time round in 2004 and is of interest to people we hope.

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