23 Apr 2009

appeal for witnesses

G20 repression was part of a policy backed up by briefings and strategy, now having failed to lose the CCTV the powers that be are going for the 'few bad apples' approach...I hope the cops involved go Queens Evidence on this, from whacking people to not having numbers, its those higher up who establish police strategy who need to be answering the questions...

by the way just had this from my amigoes in Climate Camp.


We're trying to identify the man who was punched in the face in the final
camp clearance, by the group of officers using a strobelight and torch.
You can see it at 7 minutes 50 seconds on the camp video on youtube at

Attached to this email is a zoomed and enhanced closeup picture.

Please get in touch with legal@climatecamp.org.uk if you can help us find
this person. It is really important.

Also look at our other videos on this youtube page -

If you can see yourself or anyone you know being assaulted or wronged by
the police in any of the videos, or have more footage, and haven't got in
touch, please do so.

Tell us in your email what happened to you and at what time in which film
this can be seen.

(We'd also like to know whether or not you would be willing to release
your statement to the press via the Camp Media Team.)

What next? Bindmans solicitors are reading through hundreds of statements
from you all. They are preparing a free legal advice instructions pack
which will be available to all from the legal page of the camp website
next week. Please make sure all your friends know about it.

Please make sure all your friends know about it.
thanks very much from your
legal team

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