3 Apr 2009

People need to support factory occupation in North London

Had this from Howard, thanks Howard....its all happening in the UK at present...

Please forward this to all your lists IMMEDIATELY

Workers at Visteon factory Enfield London have seized control of the factory following major lay-offs and need help to resist eviction expected from 10am either tomorrow or Saturday.

This is the beginning of the workers revolution and we must support it and build links betwen it and the Green revolution.

The factory has formerly manufactured car parts, but it could be used to make wind turbines.

If we hold this factory, others will follow. If not, a huge opportunity and momentum will be lost.

They need NUMBERS and they nees them NOW

Factory is on Morson Road. 5 mins from Ponders End rail station - cross footbridge, take main rd twds Central London, Morson Rd on left, factory at bottom end.

For more info call mobile phone in factory - 07799 896 466.

Bring everyone you know and please try to arrive for 10am tomorrow.

Love Howard

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