2 Apr 2009

Repression continues.

They came through the roof, smashing their way in and assaulting everybody who was inside. Several people were arrested, including two who had been injured in the raid. Taser guns were aimed at people, while the police harassed and searched everybody who was on the outside.

From Indymedia...any solutions to climate chaos and the ecological crises, that work, tend to get squashed because they get in the way of corporate cash accumulation.

West Papua, Brazil, Peru....London...civil rights are demolished, so people can be moved out of the way, so the destruction of nature can continue...madness.

Repress the radicals...reward those who sell out...keep the process going, once you have seen for the first 36 or 40 times it does tend to drag...

More people being penned in London...the guy who died yesterday may have just been walking home from work!


Anonymous said...

All I wanna say is... FUCK DA POLICE!

Anonymous said...

Thiose guys are just doin their job, and if you are sucj sisis that think that protesting is a girly act and you don't get your head fucked up.


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