1 Apr 2009

Climate Camp are the real deal which is why they are being repressed

Just found this beautiful pix. here

Climate camp are the real deal.

Most environmentalists still seem to believe in carbon trading.

Obama is going to 'solve' climate chaos with biofuels....lets take our lead from the Climate Camp and challenge capitalism.

Rumours are occuring that the police are attacking the camp, I hope this isn't true but sadly would fit, the police ran a whole campaign in the summer saying climate camp was violent, 'weapons had been found', etc, etc...all lies to justify repression


Ben Courtice said...

Solidarity from down under! Carbon trading in all its forms is unable to solve the problem. Eco-taxes, another price-signal mechanism, are almost as flawed. We need to reawaken an understanding of state investment and state industry (and nationalisation) that has been lost since the arrival of neoliberalism. Direct central intervention into industry and the economy is the only way to stop the global warming juggernaut at this late stage.

Derek Wall said...

Cheers Ben,

thanks for solidarity.

Don't forget the commons either.

Ben Courtice said...

Yes. I have in mind the kind of nationalisation and centralisation practiced in Cuba or Venezuela, with workers and community participation (and ownership, where appropriate). All the best for the protests!

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